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Huff N’ Even More Puff Slot Coming Soon

Huff N’ More Puff was already one of the most popular slots of all time but it appears a sequel is on the way. Huff N’ Even More Puff ups the ante by offering several new features including an upgraded wheel.

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Ruby Slots delivered a first look at the new Huff N’ Even More Puff slot.

Ruby Slots released a YouTube short that is going viral this week displaying the new Huff N’ Even More Puff slot machine. Over on her Ruby Slots YouTube channel, Ruby uploaded a long video featuring a bunch of new slot machines that were on display at the Global Gaming Expo earlier this month at the Venetian Expo. She also uploaded a short showing off the new Huff N’ Even More Puff game, which is a sequel to the popular Huff N’ More Puff slot game.

The Huff N’ More Puff Slot Is Very Popular on YouTube

One of the things that makes Huff N’ Even More Puff so popular is its bonus feature. There are various versions of the bonus, but they all have the same premise; players must collect hard hats during free spins. The first hard hat collected on a spot builds a straw house, the second collected on that same spot upgrades it to a wooden house, and the third upgrades it to a brick mansion.

Once the free spins are completed, the big bad wolf comes in to blow all of the houses down and reveal the prizes they are hiding. Straw houses have small prizes, wooden houses have slightly larger prizes, and mansions have large prizes including progressive jackpots.

Huff N’ Even More Puff Should Be Another Big Hit

Collecting three buzz saws in Huff N’ More Puff lets the player spin a wheel to determine which version of the bonus they will play or if they will be awarded a jackpot instead. 

The different bonus types affect how many houses the player will start their free spins with. The mansion bonus is the gold standard as it makes every hard hat collected in the bonus an automatic brick mansion.

The short posted by Ruby Slots reveals that Huff N’ Even More Puff will feature gold buzz saws that give players access to an upgraded wheel feature. In the super mega hat feature that Ruby unlocked, the reels expanded from their normal size of 3×5 up to 6×5, doubling the potential number of houses that could be collected during the bonus.

This upgraded wheel had people in the comments clamoring for this slot machine to come to a casino near them soon. Upgraded features on the new version of Huff N’ Puff should lead to plenty of epic bonuses and great new content from your favorite slot influencers in the near future.

Huff N’ More Puff Videos

If you enjoy slot content on YouTube, chances are you have heard of Huff N’ More Puff, which is based on the three little pigs fable. Just about all of the major content creators that play slots on YouTube have put out videos of them playing this machine on their channel. Here are a few examples:

Ruby Slots Highlighted Plenty Of Other New Games As Well

In addition to Huff N’ Even More Puff, Ruby Slots also showed off a bunch of other new slots that will be hitting casino floors in the future. One trend that is clearly noticeable is the influx of machines with new and upgraded hold-and-win bonuses.

Hold-and-win slots are extremely popular in both brick-and-mortar casinos and on popular online sweeps casinos like Chumba Casino.

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