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The Respin: Albert’s Dream Run, Ruby Slots’ Horrible Bonus

Our squad had a mixed week with some big wins and devastating losses. We had a few jackpot winners, and one interesting collaboration turned into a showdown between two of Vegas’ most popular slot influencers. Here’s everything that happened last week on The Respin.

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Did Pompsie and Greta win enough to feed their family on Mystery of the Lamp? How much did Ruby Slots have to spend before capturing a coveted slot bonus? Were The Big Jackpot and EJ able to earn back any of the $30,000 they spent? Did SC Slots leave the casino empty-handed? 

Welcome to this Friday’s edition of The Respin, a weekly series that highlights and dissects the five best slot videos on YouTube. We scour the Internet to find the most interesting content we can, and that includes discussing the biggest achievements of small-time creators if warranted. 

We have a mixture of up-and-coming and popular influencers this week, so don’t go anywhere!

1. Pompsie & Greta Play Las Vegas Slots to Feed Their Family 

Pompsie held the camera and gave Greta the spotlight as she explained that they’d be playing Mystery of the Lamp for all the marbles. She put $500 in the machine and started betting $4.00 per spin on a $0.10 denom. Over the next 25 minutes, the couple had some near-misses with an $18k jackpot handpay. However, they didn’t leave the casino any richer when it was all over.

We don’t want to spoil the entire video, but it was a slow drain from beginning to end. That’s the reality of gambling – even though you might win sometimes, the majority of players lose money. 

2. Ruby Slots Goes All-Out Until She Lands A Major Slot Bonus

Ruby was recording her session at the Red Rock Casino in Las Vegas when she made the bold decision to play max bet spins on Railroad Riches until she gets a bonus. Given that she’s using a penny slot, the maximum bet was limited to $3.75/spin (375 credits on a $0.01 denomination). 

She loaded $100 in the machine and got to work. While she got close to unlocking the feature, it didn’t pan out. Ruby whittled her bankroll down to $0 and loaded another $100 in the slot. When that didn’t work, she figured spending another Benjamin Franklin couldn’t hurt her winning odds. 

Ruby wasn’t leaving without a bonus, which finally came through in the last few minutes of this video. She spent an untold amount of money to get it, but she only won $73.50 during the bonus. It wasn’t great.

3. The Big Jackpot Joins Vegas Matt’s Son For High-Limit Spins 

The Big Jackpot linked up with Vegas Matt’s son EJ for an extreme slot session in the high-limit room. Raja laid the ground rules: they’d be playing a hundred $100 spins on Top Dollar, Wheel of Fortune, and Pinball separately. It took them a cool 26 minutes to spend upwards of $30,000. 

Pinball was first on the chopping block, and the game was refusing to spit out any kind of bonus until The Big Jackpot burnt $9,500 to a crisp with 95 spins in a row. Luckily, they got $4,500 from the feature, but they were still $5,000 in the hole. Next, EJ and The Big Jackpot spun Top Dollar. 

This machine was a bit less forgiving and they decided to nope out early with a $1,500 handpay. Wheel of Fortune was the only game left, and they dropped down to $50 per spin to conserve at least a fraction of their bankroll. This turned out to be a good move because the game was tight. 

4. Albert’s Slot Channel Earns A Well-Deserved Jackpot Handpay

Albert’s Slot Channel didn’t expect to go on a dream run when he had just $54.20 left in his bankroll, but that’s exactly what happened at Durango Casino & Resort as he played the new Tiger and Dragon machine. He got started on the right foot with a 75x multiplier, winning $169 immediately. He was betting $5 per spin and he spent $120 before triggering the Tiger Bonus. 

This dropped a $313.08 prize in his bankroll, but he wasn’t finished yet. After a few minutes of smaller wins followed by equivalent-sized losses, Albert caught a lucky break with a $621 win. Another $340 win put him in handpay territory. He didn’t stop getting lucky for a full half-hour.

He left the casino with $2,700.07, representing a profit of $2,645.87. That’s one crazy slot sesh!

5. SC Slots Gets Humbled Because He Didn’t Leave The Casino 

Sometimes, you have to know when to walk away from the action before you get sucked into a game and give your win back to the casino. SC Slots didn’t listen to reason, instead believing that the machine was “hot” and that he was going to keep winning big bucks during the session.

The pair played Tarzan: Palace of Diamonds and Tarzan: City of Gold while sitting right next to one another. Even though the action was somewhat stagnant for the first half-hour of the video, SC Slots kept fumbling win after win in hopes of earning a jackpot. The action picked up during the last few minutes when SC Slots won $600 from a single bonus round. 

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