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The Respin: The Big Jackpot Wins Big Money, Pompsie Slots Explodes

Another exciting week of slots action saw NG Slots and Albert’s Slot Channel make huge scores. Meanwhile Pompsie, Ruby Slots and the Big Jackpot posted especially entertaining videos.

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Pompsie's wife Greta in shock over their jackpot on Dancing Drums: Explosion.

Welcome to The Respin, a weekly article series that requires consistent research on trending influencers and the content they post.

We scour the Internet to find and discuss the five best slot videos on YouTube. Our squad had a good week with massive handpays and jackpots galore this week from the likes of NG Slots and Albert’s Slot Channel. 

1. Pompsie Slots Scored An Explosive Jackpot Win on Dancing Drums: Explosion

Pompsie Slots and his partner got lucky while playing Dancing Drums: Explosion at Durango in Las Vegas. She brought $500 to share with her friend Matt, and they started betting $5.88/spin. 

They drained their bankroll of $70 before encountering their first bonus round, which saved the day with 15 free games. After a quick $53.40 win, they triggered the Jackpot Matching game to collect the Mini prize of $11.84. Their luck would change for the better after they won the Major. 

Fast-forwarding to the middle of the video, they got a $970 win after hitting the Major by picking three matching Fu Babies. They ended the session with $2,003.48, resulting in a $1,503 profit. 

2. NG Slot Won The Biggest Jackpot Ever in Las Vegas on Huff N’ Even More Puff 

NG Slot was playing Dragon Train without much luck before he decided to move on. As he sat down at the nearest Huff N’ Even More Puff game, he had no idea that he was about to shatter personal records. At the 26-minute mark, he made the switch and started betting $120 per spin on a $0.50 denomination. He started with $5,000 on his quest for 6 hard hats to win big money.

He lost the first $5,000 and put another $5,000 in the machine, doubling his bets to $240 a spin in the process. That $5,000 also disappeared, leaving him $10,000 in the hole before he loaded another $5k in the machine. He kept doing this until he was down by $30k – not the best move.

His luck finally turned around with a $9,840 jackpot win followed by another $20,880 handpay. This handpay got even larger when he got the Mansion feature, which added another $28,600 to his bankroll. In total, he lost $30,000 and won $49,480, meaning he left the casino with a $19k profit.

3. The Big Jackpot Shares A Big Win With Someone Special At The Casino 

The Big Jackpot bumped into random bystander Amicia Firefly at the casino. He remarked that he’d won a million dollars before and had a good feeling about playing the $1,000,000 Dragon Link slot again. If he won the million dollars, he promised he’d be splitting the prize with her half and half. 

He started betting $50 per spin but sank $2,000 into the machine before landing a $3,000 win. He cashed out a profit of $960 instead of the million-dollar Grand he was banking on. We didn’t see him give her $480.00 during the video, but we know Raja Slots is a man of his word. 

4. Ruby Slots Made $100 Stretch at Mandalay Bay Las Vegas

Ruby Slots took a trip to Mandalay Bay and threw $100 into a random slot machine. After shrugging her shoulders apathetically, she sat down at Zeus Power Link because, in her words, “it’s a big casino and [she] doesn’t feel like walking that far.” We can relate, Ruby. 

She started off betting $2.50 per spin, and she went through some ups and downs with big wins and losses happening over the next eighteen minutes. Unfortunately, she lost all the money she came with by the end of the video. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. 

5. Albert’s Slot Channel Breaks Personal Jackpot Records on Wild Wild Buffalo 

Albert’s Slot Channel has been waiting to trigger the Wild Wild Buffalo jackpot for a long time.  

He was further inspired by a woman named Naomi, who won $9,000 on the same game while playing at the airport. He put $100 in the machine and copied her approach of betting the max number of paylines for $7.50 a spin. This approach eventually paid off at the 15-minute mark. 

He got a 6x multiplier with six buffalo symbols, pocketing $4,926 when it was all said and done.

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