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The Respin: Vegas Matt’s Airport Heist, Lady Luck HQ’s Luckiest Day Ever

It’s been quite a week for slots with Vegas Matt packing $10k to gamble at the airport, Lady Luck HQ getting lucky and Mr. Hand Pay finally hitting his first major jackpot on Huff N’ Even More Puff.

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Did Vegas Matt smuggle $10,000 into an airport just to gamble? What are the biggest slot myths, according to Cowboy Slots? Is Lady Luck HQ the luckiest slots influencer?

Welcome to the weekly Respin, where we highlight the best slots-based videos posted on YouTube over the last week.

We take another look at some of the most-watched videos, covering everything from stunning jackpots to stomach-churning losses. This is your shortcut to the best slots videos on the internet.

1. Vegas Matt Takes $10,000 Cash to Airport Just to Gamble

Who hasn’t tried to find redemption for a Vegas trip gone sideways by plunking down a few dollars in the airport slots?

Vegas Matt took it a step further this week by carrying a stack of cash worth $10,000 into the airport for the sole purpose of gambling.

Matt got off to a rocky start by immediately losing $2,000 on Monopoly Balloon Cash in the first ten minutes. Things got better when he switched to Triple Supreme and hit significant jackpot at the 12:00 minute mark.

By the end of the video, Vegas Matt was keeping the airport staff busy with the sheer number of handpays he was hitting.

Did he walk away a winner? Did he make his flight? We’ll let you watch the video and find out for yourself.

2. Cowboy Slots Busts Common Slot Myths

Cowboy Slots, AKA Brantley and co, continues to be one of the most informative slots channels on the internet and this week was no exception.

In his most recent video Brantley busts some of the most common slot myths. He covers everything from whether tribal casinos have regulation, or whether casinos frequently change the odds on popular games. Brantley is a former slots technician so he brings a ton of knowledge to the table.

It just might be the most useful piece of slots content you view this week so you don’t want to miss it.

3. Mr. Hand Pay Hits First Major Jackpot on Huff N’ Even More Puff

Huff N’ Even More Puff continues to be THE slot machine of 2024.

Mr. Hand Pay, who recently passed the 500,000 subscriber mark, decided to get it on the action this week and hit his first major jackpot on the slot.

It wasn’t exactly smooth sailing for Mr Hand Pay, as he sunk over $16,000 in the first 10 minutes. Things got considerably better around the 13-minute mark when he hit a major jackpot worth more than $10,000. The session went off the rails from there, but it’s definitely worth a watch.

4. Lady Luck HQ’s Luckiest Day Ever?

Did Lady Luck HQ record her luckiest day ever earlier this week? That’s debatable but she have an impressive session on Superlock.

She starts the video with a quick 10-minute appetizer on lesser-known slot Toro Toro Cash Ole Sol but quickly moves on to Superlock. Superlock proves to be the hot machine for Lady Luck as she hits a bonus just five minutes in at the 11:20 mark.

The real magic occurs at 15:30, when Lady Luck HQ hits the bonus and unlocks the Superlock wheel. After hitting a $2,500 wedge, Lady Luck snags a combined handpay for over $3,000.

She leaves with a significant win and the memorable phrase, “When in doubt, piggy out.”

5. Low Budget High Rollers Spin $300 into $30k

The Low Budget High Rollers, also known as Filthy and Barbie, were on fire this week.

The pair descended on the Rainbow Club Casino in Henderson and put in a truly memorable session that included a huge number of bonuses and jackpots.

LBHR basically secured an entire row of Dragon Link machines and flipped between Golden Century, Genghis Khan and Golden Gong, getting handpays on each one. What’s remarkable is that Filthy was only firing $300 bullets and thanks to the massive number of handpays it represented an incredible ROI.

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