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AK Slot Wins might keep their personal identity a secret, but they make their slot wins known to the masses with jackpot after jackpot. If you’re ready to watch video footage of huge slot handpays, AK Slot Wins is a gold mine for casual players who want to feel like high rollers.
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As you might expect from the channel name, AK Slot Wins has experienced the sort of luck that most players would be lucky to receive once in a lifetime. A quick glance at their videos proves that God does have favorites (at least when it comes to leaving some players flush with money). 

AK Slot Wins built a loyal fanbase by documenting footage of big wins, lucky slot bonuses, and victories at the casino. Even though you won’t hear the couple discussing their slot losses very often, that’s not what most people are looking for anyway. 

Instead, they make the kind of bets we’d only be daring enough to replicate in our dreams. We dove into AK Slot Wins’ background to talk about the sort of content they post before sifting through hundreds of clips to highlight and contextualize their biggest-ever jackpot handpays. 

Before we get into the meat and bones of it, let’s start with some fun facts about AK Slot Wins. 

Quick Facts About AK Slot Wins 

  • AK Slot Wins began documenting their casino expeditions on YouTube when she joined the platform in Oct. 2021. Over the past two and a half years, they received 2.3 million views across 600 videos. They also have 3.94k+ YT subscribers at the time of writing.
  • Not much information is known about AK Slot Wins, and even the internet’s darkest corners don’t have anything relevant to mention. However, it’s known that AK Slot Wins isn’t a one-man army; rather, the husband-and-wife duo work hand-in-hand as they play.
  • AK Slot Wins is one of the few popular influencers without any other social media besides YouTube. Even though their brand could benefit from an Instagram or TikTok page, they condensed long-form content into highlight reels under “Shorts.”
  • AK Slot Wins usually spends between $10 to $50 per spin as they play old-school reels, flashy progressive jackpot games, Link Slot Machines, and everything in between. If you have a soft spot for Dollar Storm and Lightning Link, check the “Link Slot Videos” playlist.
  • Last but not least, AK Slot Wins has a YouTube doppelganger who goes by the name AK Slots. AK Slots runs an active TikTok page and Facebook account, unlike their closely named competitor. If you’re looking for supplementary wins, give him a quick follow. 

Where to Find AK Slot Wins

Channel Highlights


AK Slot Wins uploaded their most popular video to YouTube on Oct. 9th, 2021. Since then, it’s earned 37,562 views and counting. They didn’t specify which venue they was visiting that day, but they made great use of their free play credits on the Fu Lai Cai Lai progressive slot game. 

Their flagship video, which is just shy of 10 minutes long, starts with the wife of AK Slot Wins stating that she had $200 in free play credits. By the time she got around to documenting her session, she only had $91.40 left in the game. She then dropped her wagers to $5.28/spin. 

Her first bonus round of the night came when a golden pot dropped to the bottom of the screen, allowing her to match three out of fifteen symbols and win the Grand Jackpot. She ended up picking two Grand Jackpot symbols, but she eventually got three of the Mini symbols.

A golden Buddha statue gravitated across the screen, foreshadowing an upcoming eight-game bonus round. On the seventh free spin, AK Slot Wins unlocked another chance to win big as the coveted golden pot dropped to the bottom of her screen again. She only won $26 on the Minor. 

Still, her luck wasn’t over just yet. Fast-forwarding to the 6-minute mark, she got another bonus round and turned the tables with a single spin. Two 3x win multipliers appeared on the screen alongside 5 clashing symbols, resulting in a $604.80 profit. Unfortunately, that was all she wrote. 

By the time it was all said and done, AK Slot Wins cashed out $851.75. Not bad for a free play come-up! 

SlotsFan Ranking 

At the time of writing, AK Slot Wins ranks 105th out of more than 120 slots influencers in our database. They’ve gained 1,000+ subscribers over the past 6 months. To see where AK Slot Wins ranks now, read the latest version of the Slots Influencer Rankings

Schedule: New Videos 

Even though AK Slot Wins doesn’t post on a consistent schedule, they make it a point to upload five long-form videos every week. They often upload new videos from 10 AM – 8 PM EST. Early birds should check ther channel in the morning, as that’s when the couple is most likely to post. 

Subscribing to their YT channel is the best way to make sure you never miss a video, especially because they don’t have any other social media accounts. 

Origin Story 

The husband-and-wife duo behind AK Slot Wins came largely out of left field when they joined YouTube in the fall of 2021. They entered the online slots industry when the competition was at an all-time high, making their initial video view counts seem even more impressive.  

They stuck with what would prove to be the winning formula from day one, never wavering from their dedication to getting slot jackpots and bonuses on camera. They received 8.9k+ views on the first clip they posted, outlining one of their many huge handpays on Dollar Storm. 

Just four days after creating their joint channel, AK Slot Wins uploaded their most popular video. This set the tone for the next several months, during which time they averaged between 5k – 7k views per upload. They maintained a similar level of popularity as they went into 2022. 

However, their popularity peaked slightly over a year after they first broke the Internet. By the beginning of 2023, they were only getting 1k – 2k views per video at the very most. This is a fairly common plight for many influencers once they’re no longer favored by YT’s algorithm.

However, they’re currently making a comeback with a renewed focus on posting the same sort of content that made them popular in the first place. They’re largely trending upwards, leading us to think that AK Slot Wins will reach 5k YouTube subscribers before 2024 comes to a close. 

AK Slot Wins’ Biggest Wins 

AK Slot Wins has won so many jackpot handpays that it’s almost hard to keep up, but we took a deep dive through their library to find their three most impressive wins to date. We also added a bit more context that defines how each handpay came to be. First up, we evaluate 88 Fortunes

July 31, 2023: $18,156.47 on 88 Fortunes (Casino Unknown) 

Based on the short nature of AK Slot Wins’ Grand Jackpot catch on 88 Fortunes, there isn’t much to work with, but our experts understand how the game awards massive prizes. They must have collected 15 out of the 15 orbs required to win big during a profitable bonus round. 

October 6, 2021: $3,987.50 on Dollar Storm Caribbean Gold (Casino Unknown) 

AK Slot Wins was going ham on Dollar Storm: Caribbean Gold by playing the max bet of $37.50 per spin all the way through, but they couldn’t have expected to win big during the game’s bonus round. They collected 12 of the 15 orbs required to win the Grand, pocketing a cool $3,987.50

October 9, 2021: $2,430 on Thunder Cash (Casino Unknown) 

The couple behind the AK Slot Wins YouTube channel played Thunder Cash in a high-limit room at an unspecified casino. After sinking $25 per spin into the game for a full minute and a half, they connected several lightning symbols together and brought home $2,430.  

Community and Giveaways 

After combing through AK Slot Wins’ YouTube “Community” page, we saw nothing about meet-and-greets or giveaways. YT subscribers will be the first to know if they ever change their mind. In the meantime, the couple behind AK Slot Wins is very receptive to YouTube comments.

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