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Beth Loves Vegas’ YouTube channel is nothing if not self-explanatory. She makes it clear that she loves everything about Sin City. From taking home six figures on a $2.50 bet to exploring the beautiful Bellagio Conservatory, Beth uploads her personal nirvana to YouTube.
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Beth might have started posting YouTube videos back in 2019, but we have a hunch that she’s been in love with Nevada’s most popular destination for years prior. Rather than simply sharing her biggest wins at the casino, she paints with a broad brush and makes her passion evident. 

Authenticity, friendliness, and a happy-go-lucky attitude have earned Beth 5.67k+ subscribers at the time of writing. She’s also put in the time and effort necessary to establish a presence online with 243+ high-quality videos. Finally, she’s accumulated 1.5M+ views over the past five years.  

In this profile story, we’ll be taking a closer look at how Beth got her footing as a gambling influencer before discussing the content she posts and highlighting her most impressive jackpot prizes. But first, let’s get started with a handful of quick facts about Beth Loves Vegas: 

Quick Facts About Beth Loves Vegas 

  • Beth prefers taking a more balanced approach to content creation, and she intends to give her audience a first-person view of Las Vegas’ finest amenities beyond the casino. That’s why she has playlists dedicated to walking the strip and reviewing certain hotels.
  • She doesn’t usually record anything besides live slot play at the casino, but Beth reveals that she also enjoys playing bingo and keno. However, she isn’t one for blackjack, poker, and table games.
  • Beth’s largest jackpot win to date doubles as her most popular video, which isn’t really surprising given that she took home $138,025.60 on a $2.50 spin. As she states in the video description, she was fortunate enough to document this once-in-a-lifetime win.
  • Although Beth hasn’t explicitly promoted any giveaways or meet-and-greets, followers who were fortunate enough to meet this chirpy influencer in-person speak well of her character.
  • She isn’t exactly the most well-known slot influencer running around Las Vegas, but she’s made some connections with similarly popular casino-goers over the past five years. Most notably, she’s given multiple shoutouts to her friend @DGProduction777

Where to Find Beth Loves Vegas Online

Channel Highlights 


Beth solidified her legendary status at the Cosmopolitan Casino in Las Vegas when she won a staggering $138,025.60 jackpot prize on the Lock It Link slot game. Making matters even more impressive, she spent $2.50 on the fateful spin that would irreversibly alter her view of Vegas. 

Just in case you’re not up for doing the math, Beth took home 55,210x her bet size. Such wins are unheard of even among Las Vegas’ most prolific high rollers. Talk about having a great day at the casino! Getting back on track, her most popular video to date premiered on July 31, 2023. 

Since then, it’s received 510k+ views and 9.6k+ likes at the time of writing. The first minute and a half of this video documents her second-largest jackpot win of $5,841.71 on the 88 Fortunes slot machine, and the next several minutes showcase her initial run with the Lock It Link game. 

The real action starts to unfold at the 5-minute mark, at which point she specifies that she came back to the same bank of slots five days later. She reveals in the video description that she was with her sister, who watched Beth make history in real-time the same day she won the Grand. 

She started her journey to six figures on the $0.10 bet denomination, and she was spending $5 per spin at the beginning of it all. Almost immediately, the machine dishes out a dynamite bonus resulting in a $150 win. Little did she know that her second bonus would offer the winning ticket.

By the 6:32 mark of this video, she was betting just $2.50 per spin when she filled up the entire screen with fifteen dynamite sticks. As they merged into one big explosive weapon, she wasn’t expecting the “Grand” symbol to appear: needless to say, her meltdown was wholly warranted! 

SlotsFan Ranking 

At the time of writing, Beth Loves Vegas ranks 96th out of more than 120 slots influencers in our database. They’ve gained 820 subscribers over the past six months. To see where Beth Loves Vegas ranks now, read the latest version of the Slots Influencer Rankings

Schedule: New Videos

Beth posts new videos to her YouTube channel every two or three days, but she also has stints where she bangs out shorts on a daily basis. If you want to be among the first viewers to catch her latest uploads, be sure to check her channel between 10 AM and 5 PM for the best chance.

Of course, she updates her Facebook status whenever she decides to post videos on YouTube.

Origin Story 

There isn’t much personal information available about Beth on the Internet, but she’s been a regular in Las Vegas since at least 2005. She posted a throwback photo that included her mom and sister. They were all standing in front of the Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada sign. 

She wouldn’t get around to documenting her love for Sin City until fourteen years had gone by. Beth came out of left field when she launched her YouTube channel on November 11, 2019. It wouldn’t be long before she posted her first-ever video of the Hunger Games Exhibit at MGM. 

In fact, her first seventeen videos didn’t focus on gambling in any capacity. Instead, she found success posting hotel room reviews, footage of her walking the strip, and recording good eats at some of Vegas’ best restaurants. She finally took the plunge into gaming on June 25, 2020. 

She was with three friends when she landed a huge slot win on Dancing Drums at Harrah’s in Las Vegas. She then followed up her victory at the reels with a fruity drink at the I Love Sugar martini bar, which she describes as “over 14,000 square feet of candy heaven.”

Nonetheless, Beth’s channel started gaining widespread recognition once she finally decided to focus on gambling almost exclusively. From 2021 onwards, she primarily posted her most impressive slot wins and bonuses. 

This strategy paid off big-time when she recorded herself winning $138,000 on a $2.50 wager in July 2023. In addition to receiving a hefty bankroll boost, Beth found herself more popular than ever before. Almost a year later, she’s still riding the wave and maximizing her channel’s growth.

Beth Loves Vegas’ Biggest Jackpot Wins

Beth never saw herself as a high roller, and she doesn’t usually spend more than $10 per spin at the reels. Even so, she’s proving that it’s very possible to spend reasonable amounts at the casino and still walk away with a huge sum of cash. Let’s contextualize her three biggest wins: 

July 31, 2023: $138,025.60 on Lock It Link (Cosmopolitan Casino, Las Vegas) 

Beth’s largest jackpot to date is nearly unsurpassable by anyone’s standards, but the fact that she was betting just $2.50 per spin when it happened borders on insanity. Even seasoned high rollers would be hard-pressed to match a 55,000x jackpot prize, but Beth got it all on camera. 

Date Unknown: $5,841.71 on 88 Fortunes (Green Valley Ranch Casino, Henderson NV) 

There’s no video published on her actual YouTube channel documenting this win, but she does go over how it happened in the first 90 seconds of her most popular Grand Jackpot video. She matched three baby symbols and secured the Minor jackpot prize, leaving her $5,841.71 richer. 

June 16, 2022: $2,514.96 on Buffalo Gold Revolution (Aria Casino, Las Vegas)

Last but not least, Beth’s third-largest jackpot happened almost immediately after she sat down to play the Buffalo Gold Revolution progressive at the Aria in Las Vegas. Her first lucky spin on the bonus wheel got her $385. Still, she wasn’t finished yet: her second spin gave up the Major.

Community and Giveaways 

After combing through 50+ recent posts on Beth’s YouTube “Community” page and other social media channels, it’s safe to assume that she hasn’t hosted any giveaways or meet-and-greets. 

Still, it’s not impossible to find Beth in Las Vegas – she’s usually at the casino. Still, plenty of fans have bumped into her at their favorite restaurant or even the annual Bellagio Convention, which she’s attended religiously since 2022. Finally, she makes it a point to be interactive with viewers.

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