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EZ Life Slot Jackpots is living the easy life with five and six-figure jackpot wins sitting in his bank account. He’s been playing slots across the Northeast for more than a decade, and he’s paved the way for many of his successors over the years. Let’s take a look at his profile:
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The man behind EZ Life Slot Jackpots is multi-faceted – in addition to broadcasting some of his largest jackpot wins since 2017, he’s taken on the role of spokesperson for the slots community. When he’s not busy raking in fat stacks at Bally’s, he’s writing an exposé on another influencer.

After playing slots for upwards of 15 years, he’s taking on side quests by explaining drama that goes down on the daily. Still, he keeps the focus where it needs to be with dedicated playlists that contain his most exciting footage (and show his once-in-a-lifetime luck over & over again). 

He’s uploaded 913 videos, received 18.2 million views, and earned 46.8k subscribers at the time of writing! 

If you’re a sucker for gossip and you want to see some of the most jaw-dropping jackpot sums on YouTube, Joseph’s EZ Life Slot Jackpots channel might turn into your new 3 AM rabbit hole. 

Quick Facts About EZ Life Slot Jackpots 

  • Joseph doesn’t spend all his time in Atlantic City – he’s also a schoolteacher who only gets summers off. Still, with all the jackpot wins he’s pulled in, we have to imagine he’s only teaching out of passion. He’s won a staggering $100,000 on Double Top Dollar! 
  • Joseph affectionately calls his community of fans the “Spies”. You can become a Spy by supporting his Patreon for $5/month. In return, you’ll enjoy access to his private EZ Life Facebook Group, private live-streams, Discord access, and a 20% discount in his store.
  • Speaking of which, Joseph has a personal merch shop for his fans: some of the slogans here are quite vulgar, but they’re pretty funny if you have a taste for blue comedy. You’ll find branded T-shirts, hoodies, ballcaps, coffee mugs, and tanktops for men and women.
  • EZ Life Slot Jackpots has found himself at odds with the competition on more than one occasion as the result of his “tea-spilling” videos. SlotHopper has called him out directly because another person on his live streams said that someone else claims her jackpot handpays.
  • EZ Life Slot Jackpots has another slots channel that’s called “EZ After Dark”. He got it off the ground in February 2018, and he’s uploaded 184 videos with 788k+ combined views since then. 4.89k+ subscribers get to see everything from video poker to funny parodies.

Where to Watch

Channel Highlights 


EZ Life Slot Jackpots’ most popular video was published on June 25th, 2019 – it’s racked up a whopping 455k views since then, and it happens to be a collaborative clip with @SlotmanJack and @PMTSlots. They rotate between $2 and $3 per spin with a grand total of $300 to spend.

In the span of 21 minutes, they earn $900.85 on the Tarzan slot before calling it quits. This video might not be as exciting as his $100k win on Double Top Dollar, but it’s also a lot more relatable. With humorous comments accompanying each spin, you feel like you’re in the casino with them. 

They start off slow and whittle their bankroll down to just $242 by the 5-minute mark. Just over 6 minutes into their session, they land a $123 win on a $3 spin. A minute and a half later, they win $205.14 on another $3 wager. Another 10 minutes go by without any fanfare until they win $180 on a $2 bet. At the 18-minute mark, they win a jaw-dropping $494.70 on the heels of a $3 spin. 

SlotsFan Ranking

At the time of writing, EZ Life Slot Jackpots ranks 38th out of over 120 slots influencers in our database. To see where EZ Life Slot Jackpots ranks now, check out the latest version of the SlotsFan Slots Influencer Rankings

Schedule: New Videos 

EZ Life Slot Jackpots has a busy life, and he doesn’t necessarily upload every day. Instead, he posts new content once a week. Depending on what sort of tea he’s been digging up, he posts one of his controversial “Slot Drama” videos or keeps things tame with exciting slots gameplay. 

No matter which route he chooses to take, you’ll see a notification on his Facebook page when he uploads to YouTube. While he posts more routinely on his Snapchat stories, he’s not active on Twitter or Instagram for the most part. That said, all his contact information is freely available. 

He’s always looking for new stories to report, so be sure to get in touch if you have a hot lead. 

Origin Story

Joseph, the man behind EZ Life Slot Jackpots, launched his channel in April of 2006. However, he wouldn’t post his first video until nearly eleven years later in March of 2017. In an interview with CompedTravel magazine, he claims to have gotten his inspiration from watching other slot influencers before deciding to take the plunge. He knew he had what it took to gain a fanbase! 

And gain a fanbase he did, almost immediately. His oldest YouTube video received 50k views, but he would break the 100k views barrier just two months later in May 2017 with a Quick Hit Jackpot video filmed on Wild Red

Just over a year later, he uploaded the first of forty-six Slot Drama episodes to his channel, cementing him as the industry’s leading reporter. Fast-forwarding to this year, he receives an average of 8k – 16k views per video. Occasionally, he’ll break the Internet with 88k – 100k views. 

Whether he’s collecting tea or recording jackpot handpays in the high-limit room, he’s winning on and off the slots. 

EZ Life Slot Biggest Wins

November 20th, 2021: $100,000 on Double Top Dollar (Location Unknown) 

October 28th, 2019: $28,428.89 on Mighty Cash (Location Unknown) 

February 8th, 2018: $11,800 on Double Jackpot 777 (Location Unknown) 

Community and Giveaways 

EZ Life Slot Jackpots has a die-hard community of fans on Facebook, Patreon, Discord, and YouTube. He also keeps his Snap followers updated with personal tidbits and slot wins on a regular basis. However, he’s also made some enemies. He’s got a persona that tends to inspire love or hate – there’s inbetween. Unfortunately, after going through 100+ YouTube Community section posts, we can safely say that Joseph doesn’t host giveaways.

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Author: Joseph Fallon
Writer at SlotsFan and lover of massive multipliers, Joseph has written more about slots streamers than anyone else. Doing deep dives to uncover juicy nuggets for origin stories is his jam.
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