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Jackpot Jackie Slots is more than just a pretty face in the YouTube slots scene – she’s becoming one the most popular slots influencers out there. She’s also had the kind of luck that most gamblers only experience once in a lifetime. There’s a reason she’s called Jackpot Jackie!
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Lights, camera, slots! When Jackpot Jackie Slots sits down to record her gameplay at Vegas’ popular casinos, she’s focused on creating a cinematic experience with every spin.

Jackie is Internet famous for hitting some of YouTube’s largest jackpot wins. Five figure jackpot prizes are just another day at the office for Jackie, and she never skips a beat on the production side of things. She’s filmed 254 videos that range from commentary to gameplay. 

Of course, she’s bound to post more eventually, so that’s just a rough estimate at the time this article was written. She’s also earned 32.5k subscribers and pulled in 2.3+ million views since launching her YouTube slots channel in March 2021 – we’re expecting her to climb to the top. 

Quick Facts About Jackpot Jackie Slots 

  • Jackpot Jackie has partnered up with another brand, which is called Jackpot World. You can download their free slots app on iOS and Android devices. It’s earned a 4.7 out of 5 star rating based on 268,000+ reviews, and you can win real prizes at this social casino.
  • Jackpot Jackie has taken a liking to @RajaSlots, who is also known as @TheBigJackpot on YouTube. She’s filmed numerous videos with Raja by her side, and they aren’t afraid to get lovey-dovey for the camera. They started off as friends, but now they’re a couple!
  • Jackpot Jackie Slots and Raja Slots initially broke things off in the summer of 2023 when she uploaded “Final Live With My Raja”. They didn’t ever explain why they broke up, but the YouTube community was relieved when they got back together three months later.
  • Jackpot Jackie Slots’ real name is Jackie Goldsnyder, and she’s not all about gambling. After graduating from Fordham University, she worked as a real estate attorney before opening her own real estate firm. She also experienced success as a freelance writer.
  • Jackie Goldsnyder shares a very close resemblance with popular TV personality Jackie Goldschneider, who staked her career on The Real Housewives of New Jersey. They’re often mistaken for each other to the point where other articles get their names mixed up. 

All the Places You Can Find Jackpot Jackie Slots Online! 

Channel Highlights

Most Popular Video: The Most BONUSES EVER ON DRAGON LINK + HUGE WINS on Golden Century Slot Machine! Part 1

Jackpot Jackie’s most popular video was published on September 2nd, 2022. It’s earned 37k+ views at the time of writing, which is quite impressive considering that it’s nearly an hour long. She begins the clip by saying that she’s going to be playing Dragon Link at Red Rock Resort.  

Jackie begins her journey to jackpots and bonuses with $534 in her bankroll, and she starts off modestly by spending just $5 per spin. She spends around $75 before getting her first bonus and winning just $80. Over the next 10 minutes, she spends another $400 and wins back $100.

The action picks up around the half-way point of this video with an unexpected win of $425. She then ups her bets to $12.50 per spin and whittles her bankroll down to $184.20 by the 38-minute mark. Finally, her luck changes for the better with a $700 win, a $145 win and another $637 win. 

She decides to wrap things up, and she cashes out $1,003 at the 45-minute mark of this video. 

SlotsFan Ranking

At the time of writing, Jackpot Jackie Slots ranks 50th out of more than 120 slots influencers in our database. They’ve held their subscriber count steady since October. To see where Jackpot Jackie Slots ranks now, check out the latest version of the SlotsFan Slots Influencer Rankings

Schedule: New Videos 

Jackpot Jackie claims to post new videos on a weekly basis, but she hasn’t uploaded anything to her slots channel since November 2023. Prior to Jackie’s extended YouTube hiatus, she was posting four to five times each month. She usually posts videos between 10 AM and 4 PM EST. 

She also updates her Facebook whenever she decides to go live, post on YouTube, or pose for the camera with her friend/boyfriend/situationship @TheBigJackpot. She’s posted on her TikTok as recently as January 2nd of this year, but her pinned videos receive the most attention there. 

How Did Jackpot Jackie Slots Get Popular In Just Three Years? 

Jackpot Jackie didn’t always have plans to become a slots influencer – as a certified trust fund baby, she made the most of her silver spoon by graduating from Fordham University with a law degree before making her money in the real estate industry for a number of years after college. 

Eventually, she switched lanes to freelance writing before she had the bright idea to record her adventures at Vegas’ most popular casinos. She launched her YouTube channel in March 2021 and recorded her first video on a cruise ship in Feb. 2022, earning a respectable 7.2k+ views. 

She’s only been posting videos for around a year, which means she still has plenty of growing to do. Jackie spends most of her time around @TheBigJackpot, and she’s appeared in his videos too many times to count. Right now, her videos average between 1.5k and 3k views per upload.

However, her last vlog was filmed at the Jackpot World Tournament in Las Vegas three months ago. As she continues building a platform (and hopefully comes back to YouTube), she’s going to be a name to watch out for. 

Jackpot Jackie Slots’ Largest-Ever Wins, Recorded on YouTube

July 23, 2022: $7,633.25 on Dragon Link: Golden Century (Las Vegas, Casino Unknown)

June 12, 2022: $3,922.50 on Buffalo Gold (Las Vegas, Casino Unknown)

April 3, 2023: $1,241.57 on Dragon Link Princess Peacock (Las Vegas, Casino Unknown)

Community and Giveaways 

After looking through 100+ of her social media posts on Facebook, Instagram and her YouTube “Community” section, we’ve determined that Jackpot Jackie Slots doesn’t host any giveaways. 

However, she isn’t opposed to hosting meet-and-greets alongside @TheBigJackpot whenever she gets the chance. Additionally, when you download JackpotWorld using Jackie’s affiliate link, you’ll get to use a promo code and claim even more free social casino credits to play slots with. 

Whenever she decides to post about an event, her Facebook followers will be the first to know. 

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