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KURISlots is one of the only Japanese slots influencers with a major fanbase, and she built her reputation in the slots community one jackpot at a time. She’s been working hard to make a name for herself since 2014, and she shows no signs of slowing down any time soon.
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KURI Slot calls herself a “casual slots player”, but there’s nothing casual about walking out the door of any casino with $7,424 in profits betting a meager $2.80 per spin. She certainly isn’t a high roller like some of the more popular influencers we’ve discussed, but she is quite lucky. 

Because she doesn’t understand English very well, there’s no real commentary on her videos. Luckily, exciting (albeit mostly silent) footage of her gameplay across various high-limit slots is enough to keep 43.9k subscribers entertained! She’s earned 36.9M views at the time of writing.

That doesn’t account for her other YouTube slots channels, of course. Let’s take a closer look at KURI Slot’ influencer status, most compelling videos, and the formula she followed for success. 

KURI Slot Quick Facts 

  • KURI Slot is posting her biggest jackpot wins and bonus rounds in two languages. Her alternate YouTube slots channels are written in Japanese, but all three of them contain nearly identical content. If you don’t mind turning on the subtitles, check all of them out!
  • She hails from Southern California, and she has a number of preferred casinos in her YouTube bio. She mostly gambles at Yaamava Casino & Pechanga Resort Casino. Occasionally, she’ll venture into Vegas if she’s hunting for big wins in the high-limit room. 
  • KURI Slot might be the only influencer to lack any other social media profiles aside from YouTube. She doesn’t have a Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, Patreon, PayPal, or Twitter (X) account. As such, there’s not much personal information known about her.
  • KURI Slot might have well over 40,000 subscribers on her main channel, but her Akafuji slots channel is even more popular. She’s posted a grand total of 2,065+ videos, earned 87M+ views, and gotten 99.8k subscribers on her alternate channel at the time of writing. 
  • KURI Slot showed her relatability when she accidentally deleted all her videos that were posted in July of 2023. With the help of YouTube’s support team, she was able to restore all 18 videos to her channel. She posed with a pair of sweeping red wings in celebration. 

Where to Find KURI Slot

Channel Highlights 

Most Popular Video: ★COIN COIN COIN !!★Who is the most generous?☆WILD AMERI’COINS/FIESTA’COINS/LEPRE’COINS Slot☆彡 $3 Bet

KURI Slot’s most popular video was published six years ago (frightening, we know) on January 3rd, 2018. It’s accumulated 581k+ views and earned 1.7k+ likes at the time of writing. As a fun competition, she wanted to see which slot would pay out the most winnings on the same day. 

She chose Wild Ameri’coins, Wild Fiesta’coins, and Wild Lepre’coins as her three competitors. In order to keep things fair, she played each slot on the same day, at the same casino, on the same budget, with the same bets. She started on each slot with $50 in credits betting $3/spin.

Wild Ameri’coins was up first, and it took Kuri all of 4 minutes to win $183.75 on the heels of 10+ free games. Next up, she played the Wild Fiesta’coins slot and whittled her $50 bankroll down to nothing. Finally, she compensated for her losses on Wild Lepre’Coins with a big win of $201.75. 

Their ten-minute race to the finish line was exciting, but Wild Fiesta’Coins didn’t look too great.  

SlotsFan Ranking

At the time of writing, KURI Slot ranks 39th out of over 120 slots influencers in our database. To see where KURI Slot ranks now, check out the latest version of the SlotsFan Slots Influencer Rankings

Schedule: New Videos 

As she states in her YouTube bio, KURI Slot tries to upload new content four times per week. If she has the time, she posts every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday between the hours of 11 AM and 4 PM EST. However, she uploads daily videos on her alternate YouTube channel.

It’s not quite clear why she runs two separate YouTube channels, but her third backup channel is written entirely in Japanese. She posts new content there every 2 or 3 days like clockwork.  

Put together, she’s uploaded a grand total of 3,564+ videos across all three of her channels at the time of writing. If you ever find yourself getting bored, feel free to explore her archived vids.

Origin Story

Not much is known about KURI Slot, but she burst onto the scene almost eight years ago with a whopping 64k+ views on her first video. To be fair, she did record the largest Tinder Wolf Deluxe win on YouTube at the time. She hit for 2,920x her first $2.50 spin and brought home $7,300.70. 

From that point forward, she stayed busy following the winning formula – her claim to fame was hitting comparatively massive jackpots and triggering insane multipliers with relatable bet sizes. She’s enjoyed the kind of luck most players chase for their entire lives, and all eyes are on her. 

It took a while for her videos to become popular, but she eventually broke the six-figure barrier with 101k+ views on another Timber Wolf Deluxe jackpot video in 2020. Kuri received a lot more attention on the Akafuji Slot channel, which she launched in June 2016 to accompany KURISlot.

Taking her other content into consideration, she received a staggering 1.74+ million views on a White Ice and Triple Double Star 7 jackpot video recorded at San Manuel Casino on December 28th, 2017. However, both her primary slot channels enjoy the same level of popularity in 2024. 

She’s averaging between 3k and 4k views per upload, but she’s also broken the million-views mark a total of eight times. When Kuri gets lucky at the slots, she also gets lucky on YouTube! 

Biggest Wins 

May 7th, 2019: $53,696.60 on Black Diamond (San Manuel Casino

December 18th, 2021: $36,000 on Triple Double Diamond (Barona Casino) 

February 3rd, 2024: $20,044.99 on Gold Shots (Las Vegas, Casino Unknown) 

Community and Giveaways

Because KURI Slot doesn’t have any social media presence, her community is limited entirely to YouTube. To her credit, she boasts a total of 143.8k subscribers across all three of her slots channels at the time of writing. However, she doesn’t host any giveaways or meet-and-greets.

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