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Cupid shot an arrow at LoveStruck Gambling, providing her with an eternal connection to her favorite casinos in the Pacific Northwest. She keeps authenticity and transparency at the forefront of everything she does, and her long-form content is loaded with exciting slot jackpots.
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LoveStruck Gambling, who goes by the names Tina or Vixie depending on the day, gives it all away with her YouTube handle – she loves all things slots gambling and traveling. You’ll watch her jet around the country to play her favorite games, record wins, and be upfront about losses.

Unlike many of her more popular peers, LoveStruck Gambling retains an aura of relatability that comes from her willingness to show both sides of the coin. While other YouTube slot influencers are content to show nothing but jackpots, Tina doesn’t sugarcoat the reality of casino gambling. 

In this profile story, we’ll be looking at the content she normally posts. Then, we’ll discuss her background and highlight her three most impressive handpays before detailing upcoming events. But first, let’s kick things off with five fun facts you might not know about Tina.

LoveStruck Gambling Quick Facts

  • LoveStruck Gambling originally joined YouTube in June 2012, but she didn’t post her first slots video until nearly a decade later in 2022. At the time of writing, she’s received 189k total views across 427 videos and counting. She also keeps 2.35k+ loyal YT subscribers.
  • LoveStruck Gambling is in the process of bringing her dreams to life at the moment, but it’s the thought that counts. She has big plans to incorporate collaborations, live streams, weekly specials, giveaways, and even raising some money for select non-profit charities.
  • She might not be the most popular influencer we’ve profiled on SlotsFan, but Vixie has had the opportunity to rub elbows with some of the biggest names in the business. You’ll find her with the likes of @Slotaholic and @CasinoKelly on her YT “Community” page.
  • LoveStruck Gambling’s most popular video to date is her latest upload. At the time this article was published, she last updated her channel on November 12, 2023. She goes in-depth about the reasoning behind her 6-month long hiatus on the Community page.

Where to Find LoveStruck Gambling

Channel Highlights

Most Popular Video: FULL SCREEN!! on MO MUMMY! HUGE WIN 🙌🏼 🙌🏼 #casino #slots #lasvegas

LoveStruck Gambling posted what would quickly become her most popular video on November 12, 2023. Since then, she’s earned 12,124 views and counting on her Mo’ Mummy handpay at Resorts World Vegas. She turns $300 into a respectable $982.50 over the course of 15 minutes. 

The video starts off with Tina explaining that she wanted to try her luck on Mo’ Mummy because she saw @CasinoKelly win big on the same machine. After selecting the $0.10 bet denom and loading $100 into the game, she began playing 50 credits ($5.00) per spin for a few minutes. As she inches her way towards a huge handpay, she inadvertently collects jewels with every spin. 

Sans a few $5 wins here and there, Tina wasn’t having much luck. By the time 3 minutes had elapsed, she was $100 in the red. LoveStruck Gambling whittled her bankroll down to $0 and added another $100 to the machine in hopes that she could turn the tables in her favor. 

Unfortunately, the same thing happens again, but you know what they say – the third time’s the charm. After burning through another $100, the camera pans to six free games, which she had earned on her first $5.00 spin with a new Benjamin Franklin occupying the unmerciful machine. 

Again, she got down to $14.00 in her bankroll when she triggered the “Cash Collect” feature and found herself in the midst of what would prove to be a game-changing bonus. The mummy grew larger as she collected more green gems, leaving her with $200.00 and a chance at redemption.

Eventually, at the 13-minute mark, she triggers the Cash Collect feature once again. This time, the mummy grows until it takes up the entire screen, resulting in a $902.50 jackpot handpay. It was time for Tina to call it quits, and she left the casino with a profit of $597 when it was over. 

SlotsFan Ranking 

At the time of writing, LoveStruck Gambling ranks 115th out of more than 120 slots influencers in our database. They’ve earned 50+ subscribers over the past 6 months.

Schedule: New Videos 

LoveStruck Gambling used to post new videos twice a week, but she’s been missing in action since November 2023 at the time of writing. Unfortunately, she’s also taken an extended break from her TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook pages. 

If she ever comes back to YouTube, her subscribers and Facebook followers will be among the first to find out. In the meantime, there’s plenty of content for her viewers to enjoy until she does.

Origin Story 

LoveStruck Gambling came out of left field in 2022 when slot influencer competition was at its peak. Admittedly, her channel did everything right and still got lost in the sauce to an extent. 

If she didn’t have an incredible work ethic and true passion for her YouTube slots channel, she would’ve given up a lot sooner than 6 months ago. In February 2022, she posted her first video detailing her experiences with the Genghis Khan slot machine at El Cortez Hotel and Casino. 

Unfortunately, she averaged around 100 views per upload for months before her channel got off the ground a bit more. It took her over a year to crack 1,000+ views on a single video for the first time. Her second most popular video about Coin Trio Piggy Burst received a mere 2.9k+ views at the time of writing, and she would post her most popular video a full 2 months later.

Her most popular upload to date is also the last time she posted anything on YT. It received 12,000+ views, and we’ve discussed its contents in more detail up above. Her current whereabouts are a mystery, but given where she left off, she’s in a fantastic spot to regain fame.

LoveStruck Gambling’s Biggest Wins

LoveStruck Gambling hasn’t earned six or seven figures like some of the influencers we have ranked on SlotsFan, but she routinely enjoys the sort of luck most players are lucky to receive once in a lifetime. In this section, we’ve highlighted and contextualized her 3 largest handpays.

September 6, 2022: $16,684.14 on Dragon Cash (Coushatta Casino & Resort) 

Tina wasn’t expecting to bring home a five-figure handpay at Coushatta, but that’s exactly what happened on a $2.64 spin. After randomly unlocking a bonus round, she collected fifteen out of the fifteen orbs required to win the Grand Jackpot. This left her shrieking with a $16,684.14 win.

October 9, 2023: $5,559.76 on Dragon Link Happy & Prosperous (Louisiana) 

In another incredible stroke of luck, LoveStruck Gambling was leisurely playing Dragon Link: Happy & Prosperous at an unspecified casino in Louisiana when she unlocked a bonus and hit the Major on a $2.50 bet. She also collected 13 out of the 15 orbs necessary to win the Grand. 

September 6, 2023: $1,553.18 on Coin Trio Piggy Burst (Spirit Mountain Casino) 

Last but not least, Tina decided to put $100 into Coin Trio Piggy Burst at Spirit Mountain Casino and “see how we do.” She kept her bets low at $3.00 per spin when she collected 12 out of the 15 coins required to win the Grand during a bonus. However, she won double the Major jackpot.

Community and Giveaways 

After combing through LoveStruck Gambling’s social media pages and YouTube “Community” page, we can safely assume that she hasn’t gotten around to hosting any meet-and-greets or giveaways. Still, she encourages fans to contact her via the email in her YouTube bio.

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