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The Low Budget High Rollers, AKA Filthy and his wife Barbie, live the slots dream by playing high-stakes slots with a relatively small bankroll. Learn how they do it in our profile of The Low Budget High Rollers channel.
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Low Budget High Rollers combines two seemingly impossible methods of playing slots – aided in no small part by his seemingly abnormal luck, Filthy likes to place high-limit bets on a low budget. As stated in his YouTube bio, he tends to play Las Vegas slots with around $300 looking for big handpays. 

While most of his videos involve just $250 and a whole lot of Hail Mary spins, he’ll occasionally splurge on a particularly profitable slot machine with up to $500. Most slots players (our team included) could only dream of having his luck. 

Having originally joined YouTube back in October 2013, “Low Budget High Rollers” has become part of the slots influencer scene mainly in the last two years. With 1,505+ videos to comb through, Filthy’s main channel has accumulated 139,000+ subscribers and 39+ million views over the past decade. 

With an unmatched social media presence and sensational gameplay videos, Low Budget High Rollers might be the most exciting channel we’ve ever come across. It’s time for a closer look! 

Quick Facts About Low Budget High Rollers: 

  • Filthy is no one-trick pony: in addition to showcasing his luck across hundreds of Vegas slots, he’s an experienced gambler with a penchant for blackjack and three-card poker. Watch him pillage the pot alongside 20.3k subscribers on his dedicated poker channel.
  • Low Budget High Rollers keeps his identity a secret, preferring instead to go by the alias “Filthy”. His doting wife is appropriately named “Barbie”. However, if you subscribe to his most expensive Patreon tier, you’ll get access to his personal phone number and more! 
  • Filthy and his wife host frequent giveaways, and they’ll sometimes give random people money after winning a jackpot!
  • Filthy claims that he learned to drive at just 6 years old – his parents owned a tow truck company.
  • In another lifetime, Filthy was an avid bodybuilder and personal trainer. He enjoyed recognition on his socials, but he soon realized that he wasn’t making any money. 

Where to Find Low Budget High Rollers:

Channel Highlights

Most Popular Video: $2,500 BETS OVER AN HOUR!

Low Budget High Rollers’ most popular video came about by a stroke of luck! Filthy and his wife stumbled across a couple playing the Million Dollar Dragon Link slot game with exorbitant bets. To be precise, they were betting $2,500 per spin for over an hour and winning fat stacks of cash. 

Filthy recorded all the action as the couple won (and subsequently lost) over $40,000. This one video has 1.2+ million views, but it doesn’t align with Filthy’s mantra of starting low and ending high. 

SlotsFan Ranking 

At the time of publishing, Low Budget High Rollers ranks 14th out of over 120 slots influencers in our database. To see where Low Budget High Rollers ranks now, check out the latest version of the SlotsFan Slots Influencer Rankings

Schedule: New Videos 

Filthy posts new videos to his channel every day at 6:30 PM, and he never takes a day off. His dedicated poker channel gets a bit less attention, but he tends to upload heaps of content once a month. With 1,505+ slot videos and 436+ poker videos, you’ll never run out of clips to watch! 

Origin Story

Unless you subscribe to his Patreon or do some serious online sleuthing, it’s nearly impossible to find any personal information about Filthy and Barbie. Their real names and place of living aren’t public information, but Filthy explains how he went from broke to filthy rich in this video

He explains how he grew up in a relatively small, unknown town. His parents owned a tow truck business, and he learned how to drive at the tender age of six. Still, he always knew he wanted to be something more! Eventually, he had the idea of giving his mother some money to gamble. 

He wasn’t expecting her to win anything, but they both got to keep $1,000. This sparked Filthy’s interest in gambling, and he brought just $300 to the casino his first time around. After winning yet another $2,000, he realized that he could make some real money from his newfound hobby. 

Although his channel didn’t take off until 2021, Filthy racked up a staggering 417k views on his third video. From there, it was all smooth sailing – today, he enjoys all the luxuries life can offer! 

Low Budget High Rollers’ Biggest Wins

October 6th, 2022: $74,500 on Dragon Link 

August 30th, 2022: $27,017.98 on Buffalo Link 

October 8th, 2022: $27,000 on Dragon Link 

Community and Giveaways 

Filthy prides himself on being an interactive influencer, and he hosts regular meet-and-greet giveaways. Taking a closer look at his Patreon, you’ll find five tiers – the first, starting from $5 per month, unlocks access to a dedicated chat community. For $10 a month, you get Q & A’s. 

For $50 per month, you get a private FaceTime call with Filthy and Barbie alongside digital art and a feature in their next YouTube video introduction! For $250 a month, you’ll get free merch and go to dinner on Filthy’s dime in the heart of Sin City. 

Finally, he’ll give you his personal phone number and meet up with you in Las Vegas for $1,000 a month. As he says in his Patreon, “contact me anytime [and] consider yourself family.” While it’s certainly easier to get ahold of Filthy if you’re rich, he gives his community plenty of attention!

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