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Looking for the inside scoop on the slots scene in Atlantic City? NJ Slot Guy shows the good and the bad of all levels of slots play in New Jersey.
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Jon, who goes by the username “NJ Slot Guy” on Youtube and socials, is giving the country’s most popular casinos a run for their money. NJ Slot Guy is never afraid to blend new and old games. He films his experiences with three-reel classics and flashy jackpot machines. 

He’s also a New Jersey native, which means that he keeps it real one hundred percent of the time. He’s never shied away from recording his worst days, and his videos show the reality of playing high-limit slots. He was the first influencer to consistently share his losses on YouTube.

He tirelessly searches for jackpot reels across the country and films the aftermath. His approach has earned him 63.3k+ YouTube subscribers and 34.4+ million views over the past six years! As he continues taking over the industry, he’s adding daily content on top of 1,162+ existing videos.

Quick Facts About NJ Slot Guy 

  • In addition to boasting 63.3k subscribers on YouTube at the time of publishing, NJ Slot Guy has built a staggering social media presence since 2018. You can also find him on Facebook and TikTok, where he’s earned 27,000+ and 10,000+ followers respectively.
  • NJ Slot Guy spends anywhere between $10 and $250 per spin depending on the game he’s playing. Unlike other slots influencers, he has full videos that only show his losses in the high-limit room. Finally, he’s a strong advocate for practicing responsible gambling.
  • NJ Slot Guy runs a personal website that features his latest merch! You can buy trucker caps, crewneck sweatshirts, hoodies and unisex apparel. His community is affectionately dubbed the “Degen Nation”, which alludes to chasing down losses on jackpot machines. 
  • NJ Slot Guy is closest to Atlantic City, but he hosts meet-and-greets around the country. He also makes it a point to include his fans in the action by featuring their biggest wins on his YouTube channel. On that note, he loves to collaborate with beginner influencers. 
  • It’s not known whether NJ Slot Guy is married, but his Instagram page delivers a glimpse into his personal life. He has two children named Frankie and Vin, the latter of whom has been featured on his YouTube channel! Most recently, Vin spotted a hooker in his dad’s room (no not THAT kind of hooker). 

All the Places You Can Find NJ Slot Guy Online! 

Channel Highlights 

Most Popular Video: Sky Rider $1 Denom $50/spin – High Limit – Free Games

NJ Slot Guy’s most popular video was filmed in September 2018, and he broke the seven-figure barrier with 1.6+ million views. He recorded himself playing $50 spins on the Sky Rider machine at Golden Nugget Casino. He started with $680 and ended with $800 for a mediocre $120 profit.

Still, it was a wild 6-minute ride from start to finish. He chiseled his bankroll down to $165 before saving his session with 24 free games. We could feel his anticipation & nervous energy through the screen, but he narrowly avoided breaking even with a 16-game winning streak worth $795.  

SlotsFan Ranking

At the time of this publishing, NJ Slot Guy ranks 27th out of over 120 slots influencers in our database. To see where NJ Slot Guy ranks now, check out the latest version of the SlotsFan Slots Influencer Rankings. He’s steadily growing his channel with 200 subscribers per month. 


NJ Slot Guy doesn’t explicitly state when he uploads new videos, but a cursory look through his channel implies that he records content 4 to 6 days per week. He usually posts between 10 AM and 5 PM EST, and his Facebook followers will be the first to know when another banger drops.

He also updates his TikTok page four times per week. If you’d rather skip straight to the good stuff, his ten-second shorts cut to the chase with nothing but the best footage. 

If you don’t see a video posted on any given day, chances are high that he’s traveling to another casino in a different state. NJ Slot Guy has visited Oklahoma, Colorado, California, Florida, and Las Vegas to name a few. 

NJ Slot Guy’s Origin Story

NJ Slot Guy’s interview with Canvas Rebel shines more light on his beginnings as a YouTube content creator. He’s no stranger to playing high-limit slots, but he decided to start recording his exploits in 2018 – his content changed the game with real-life commentary and relatable quips. 

He’s also helped numerous beginners get their slots channels off the ground with free advice. 

After seeing nothing but highlight reels on YouTube, his goal was to show the reality of a typical day at the casino. He stumbled across the winning formula and carved his own niche by making his fans feel like they’re sitting right next to him at the casino. He also gained respect for recording his losses. 

Unlike many influencers, NJ Slot Guy’s channel skyrocketed to immediate fame with 38k+ views on his first-ever video. His 5th upload cracked the six-figure mark with 133,000+ views, and his 7th video eventually reached 1M+ views! Since August 2018, he’s succeeded in building on that popularity.

Most influencers in his position grinded out content for years before getting a taste of Internet fame. NJ Slot Guy has made the most of his luck by fanning the flames of his online presence with frequent YouTube uploads, occasional meet-and-greets, and posting on Facebook/TikTok.  

Biggest Wins

November 2nd, 2022: $16,000 on Triple Double Diamond at Golden Nugget Casino 

October 26th, 2022: $15,000 on Double Five Times Pay at Golden Nugget Casino

November 27th, 2023: $14,000 on Wheel of Fortune (location unknown) 

Community and Giveaways 

We haven’t seen NJ Slot Guy host any giveaways, but his community is widespread on socials. He’s built a strong presence on Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok! In lieu of dishing out free play credits, he invites his fans to join him on group pulls at nationwide casinos a few times a year. 

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