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You won't find many YouTube channels as exciting as SC Slots. Sam and Chris delight as they travel to casinos around the USA, scoring huge jackpots as they go.
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Sam and Chris are definitely one of the cutest couples in the slots influencer community, and they’re committed to doing everything as a team. As they chase excitement (and jackpot wins), you’re invited to be a fly on the wall – it’s not quite like third-wheeling, but their YouTube channel gets close enough. 

All jokes aside, SC Slots has quickly made their way to the top of the charts since March 2018. Six years later, they’ve uploaded nearly 1,300 videos of their cross-country adventures. 91,000+ subscribers are hooked on their latest expeditions, and they’ve earned over 43 million views so far! 

Unlike other slots influencers, neither husband nor wife is the side character. Follow them on their journey to gold and riches as they play thrilling jackpot slots hand-in-hand.

SC Slots Quick Facts

  • Chris and Sam tied the knot in March 2020, but they’ve been together since (at least) 2018. Their oldest video to date was live-streamed three years ago, and it shows the aftermath of their exciting wedding celebration! They partied at San Manuel Casino.
  • SC Slots stands for “Sam and Chris Slots”. As the slot industry’s leading couple, they’ve created 1,292+ gameplay videos together. They’ve earned 42.5+ million views, and their YouTube channel has 91.2k+ subscribers. They also have 28k+ followers on Facebook.
  • Chris once won a staggering $2,577.30 prize on a $1.60 wager at Pechanga Resort.
  • Sam’s biggest jackpot to date is $7,500.25 on the Jin Tu Fa Cai slot game at Durango Resort and Casino.
  • Sam & Chris run a merch shop and Patreon, but their website is currently inaccessible. 

Where to Find SC Slots 

Channel Highlights 

Most Popular Video: 1st Time Trying The $20 Method At Yaamava Casino! It Worked!

SC Slots’ most popular video appeals to the masses by explaining Chris’ twenty-dollar method. As they play Wild Lepre’coin and Double Luck, they attempt to double their $20 by hunting for bonuses and placing wagers under four dollars. In this clip, Chris bets between $1.20 – $3.60.

With 854,000+ views and counting, Yaamava Casino enjoyed a great deal of fanfare thanks to SC Slots! Exciting gameplay and down-to-earth commentary seem to be the winning formula. 

SlotsFan Ranking

At the time of publishing, SC Slots ranks 19th out of over 120 slots influencers in our database. To see where SC Slots ranks now, check out the latest version of the SlotsFan Slots Influencer Rankings.

Schedule: New Videos

Sam and Chris upload new videos (almost) every day, and they usually announce when they’re taking a day for rest and relaxation on their “Community” YouTube page. They don’t adhere to a consistent schedule, but most of their new videos are posted between 10 AM and 4 PM EST. 

You’ll also find them sporadically updating their Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts with personal photos and/or news about their YouTube channel. If you’re not keen on waiting, poke through 1,292+ existing videos and get to know SC Slots/

Origin Story

Sam and Chris don’t make gambling the centerpiece of their lives – rather, they incorporate slot gameplay into their existing routine. We’d be surprised if YouTube content creation was anything more than a side hustle for Sam and Chris, but they’re not too far away from 100k subscribers!

If you’ve ever been to Vegas, the hustle and bustle is electric: it’s no wonder they like to have a good time partying, drinking, and (occasionally) winning a few thousand dollars on Vegas slots. 

SC Slots’ production value has increased dramatically, which puts them on par with bigger fish. They might not be on track to decimate the competition, but they’ve carved out a niche all their own. Their videos are geared towards casual enthusiasts who appreciate a little flair. 

Biggest Wins

June 23rd, 2019: $18,713.62 on Lock It Link 

December 9th, 2023: $7,500.25 on Jin Tu Fa Cai (Durango Resort & Casino) 

March 6th, 2022: $5.732.64 on Wonder 4 Tall Fortunes (Mirage Casino)

Community and Giveaways 

Sam and Chris have won over the slots community with unmatched hype, positive energy, and huge wins in every video! They don’t host any proper giveaways, but they have a merch store where you can purchase a cute T-shirt. You can also show your support through their Patreon.

SC Slots makes a point of interacting with fans, and they’ll occasionally upload YouTube polls. Choose your favorite day of the week to go to the casino, pick your favorite kind of slots bonus, and imagine yourself as the next lucky player by answering questions about your preferred win. 

They don’t particularly care about attracting a certain kind of audience, and that’s all part of their allure. By marching to the beat of their own drum, Sam and Chris have earned a loyal fanbase.

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