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Slot Cracker is chasing jackpot handpays all around the country, and he’s invited his viewers to come along for the ride as he records huge slots wins for the masses. For the past eight years, he’s been carving out a niche for his content even in the face of fierce competition.
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Slot Cracker keeps things simple with this mantra: “It’s all about slot machines, casinos, friends, and having fun.” His light-hearted commentary overlays jackpot wins so big you have to rewatch the video, and he’s found the formula for success with 32.1k YouTube subscribers and counting.

He’s also been hard at work uploading content since 2016 – at the time of writing, he’s posted 715+ long-form videos that capture his biggest jackpot wins and record his collaborations with some of the industry’s most well-known slot influencers. He’s earned 11.6 million views so far.

Never afraid to blend the new with the old, Slot Cracker routinely posts his experiences with the most popular old-school slots & flashier machines that wow their users with realistic animations. 

Slot Cracker Quick Facts

  • Slot Cracker is a man of many bet denominations. He loves gunning for jackpot wins in Sin City, but he eases off the gas pedal to spend as little as $5 per spin. If you manage to catch him in the high-limit room, he’ll be spending anywhere from $100-$500 per spin.
  • Slot Cracker’s real name is Ed, and he’s been playing slots for the past 32 years. While he was born and raised in Connecticut, he traveled across the country to visit Florida, Las Vegas, and Atlantic City countless times. Eventually, he decided to record his spins.
  • Slot Cracker’s first experience with gambling was illegal. According to his website, his grandfather snuck him into Foxwoods Casino when it first opened even though he was under 21 years of age at the time. One good spin for $300 sparked Ed’s love for slots!
  • Slot Cracker has a personal Facebook group for his #SLOTFAMILY. It has 1.2k members at the time of writing, and it’s a good place for viewers to share their biggest jackpot wins in the casino. Ed also encourages his group members to create a public forum for slots.
  • The account has a PayPal where you can contribute directly to his channel and fund his next slots adventure. However, it’s not openly advertised on YouTube – you have to visit his website. You can also become a channel member to access early videos & streams.

Where to Find Slot Cracker

Channel Highlights

Most Popular Video: 💥Watch These BIG Wins on Triple Red Hot Slot Machine💥

Slot Cracker’s most popular video was published on September 27th, 2017. It’s received 1.1M+ views at the time of writing! He put together something of a compilation showing the highlights of his biggest wins on the Triple Red Hot slot machine. In his words, they’re big for $0.25 spins. 

Not one to intentionally mislead his viewers (he actually admits to producing insane thumbnails), Slot Cracker records a series of $30 to $100 wins. His most impressive win comes on the heels of a $0.25 spin where he lands a Triple Red Hot jackpot across all five paylines on the machine. 

He also lands a 4x bonus multiplier with the jackpot, which earns him 1,902 credits or $475.50. It’s far from his best win, but 12 minutes of exciting gameplay doesn’t go unnoticed by his fans. This clip is a roller coaster from beginning to end, and his final jackpot was totally unexpected.

SlotsFan Ranking

At the time of writing, Slot Cracker ranks 51st out of over 120 slots influencers in our database. They’ve received 200+ subscribers since October 2023. Check where Slot Cracker ranks now.

Schedule: New Videos 

Slot Cracker doesn’t post new videos every day, but then again, who can afford to spend $5,000 per spin on Piggy Bankin’ every day? He’s posting wins, wins, and more wins on his channel for viewers to drool over. If you’re a gambling enthusiast, you know that winning is a rarity on slots. 

Still, whenever he gets around to posting a new video, you’d better believe it will knock your socks off. His TikTok page contains highlight reels of all his biggest wins at the casino, and five-figure jackpots are just another day at the office for Slot Cracker. 

Finally, Slot Cracker updates his Facebook page whenever he posts a new video on YouTube. 

Origin Story

Slot Cracker has come a long way since he snuck into Foxwoods, Connecticut with his grandpa as a kid. Ed then spent the better part of a quarter-century playing slots in the high-limit room with popular casinos across the country before coming up with the idea to record his gameplay. 

His oldest video, which was published in October just a few months after Ed launched his slots channel in March 2016, received 49k+ views. He filmed his encounter with Double Jackpot 7’s

Just three days after publishing his first clip, his 14 Minutes of Slot Randomness video received 269k+ views and put his channel on the map for good. Still, it wouldn’t be long before he would break the Internet with a repost of his once-in-a-lifetime $500k jackpot win on Wheel of Fortune

This upload received 542k+ views, making it the fifth most popular video on his channel to date. He’s broken the six-figure views barrier a handful of times over the past five years, but he used to average between 5k – 10k views per upload before his popularity started declining in 2021.

Fast-forwarding to 2024, he’s been receiving anywhere from 2k – 5k views per video. However, he’s working hard to upload new content & mend his online presence to be more competitive.

Slot Cracker’s Largest Jackpot Wins, Recorded on YouTube 

October 17th, 2016: $502,562.40 on Wheel of Fortune (Location Unknown)

January 17th, 2024: $25,750.52 on Dollar Storm (Location Unknown) 

November 14th, 2023: $13,795.74 on Huff N’ More Puff (Seminole Hard Rock Hotel Tampa) 

Community and Giveaways 

Slot Cracker has come up with a unique way to retain his loyal fans, and it’s no surprise that his subscribers stick around. Ed runs plenty of “Share the Grand” live streams in which he shares the grand jackpot prize with his registered subscribers who happen to be watching the stream. Of course, he has to win a grand jackpot prize first, and those are pretty rare in the slots world. 

He tends to run “Share the Grand” live streams once every few months, and his last stream was held on November 24, 2023. In other words, the odds are high that he’s gearing up for another.

If you want exclusive updates about Slot Cracker’s upcoming events, be sure to sign up for his email list. You’ll be the first to know about Ed’s latest giveaways, meet-and-greets, and more!

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