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The Slot Ladies have left their mark on the industry with exciting commentary, huge wagers, and creative content ideas. They’ve been on YouTube since March 2018, and they’ve been affiliated with @TheBigJackpot for years. Let’s take a closer look at this pair.
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The Slot Ladies, a group made up of two halves called Melissa and Laycee, are making casino games feel chic again. They love shopping on the Las Vegas strip, dancing the night away in action-packed nightclubs, and playing slots for keeps. Now, they’re recording their adventures. 

They’ve enjoyed a great deal of luck over the years, so I wasn’t surprised to find plenty of slot jackpot videos. Melissa and Laycee are no strangers to hitting big in the high-limit room. Some of their largest wins might shock you, but they’re nothing compared to @TheBigJackpot’s wins. 

I’ll be taking a closer look at how the Slot Ladies have improved their YouTube rankings since 2018. 

Quick Facts About Slot Ladies 

  • The Slot Ladies have connections in high places and have been creating new content with @TheBigJackpot over the past six years. That’s why they’ve posted Raja’s Instagram, Facebook, and a link to download his flagship slots app in their YouTube bio.
  • The Slot Ladies have been filming their casino adventures for quite some time, and their tireless work ethic has finally begun to pay off. At the time of writing, their slots channel has 18.9k+ YouTube subscribers. They’ve also uploaded 313+ videos with 6.5M+ views.
  • Speaking of brand affiliations, The Slot Ladies frequently pal around with Jackpot Jackie. They seem to get along with each other in the midst of collaborating, and they go so far as to promote each other’s content. Plus, @JackpotJackieSlots is a great personality fit. 
  • Back in 2018, The Slot Ladies briefly added another partner to their team of influencers. Heather didn’t stick around past the pandemic, but she brought a breath of fresh air with her. They’ve filmed a total of four videos together, but I’ve linked my favorite video here.
  • The Slot Ladies might have some big wins under their belt, but this low-rolling pair never leaves the casino broke. Instead, they put a $100 bill into one slot game to see how long they can make it last. Using this strategy, they’ve cut costs without losing the excitement. 

Where to Find Slot Ladies

Channel Highlights 

Most Popular Video: ☯️Melissa’s Big Win ☯️ Great Guardian Slots | Slot Ladies

The Slot Ladies’ most popular video was published on November 5th, 2018. Since then, they’ve earned 647,817+ views at the time of writing. The video starts off with Melissa feeding $100 into the Great Guardian progressive jackpot game at the Monarch Casino in Blackhawk, Colorado. 

What follows next are 10 minutes of action-packed gameplay. It turns into a bit of a roller coaster towards the end, but Melissa and Laycee walk away richer after hitting an unexpectedly big win. Melissa begins playing Great Guardian for $2.40/spin, and she gets off to a pretty fantastic start. 

She wins $20 initially, but she eventually whittles her bankroll down to $91.75. At the same time, she triggers a bonus round that gives her 10 free spins. She ends up winning another $107 and raises her bet size to $3/spin. Per Laycee’s advice, Melissa does three backup spins afterwards.  

Melissa then feeds her $204 cashout voucher into the machine for another stab at the five-figure progressive jackpot prize. She doesn’t manage to score any crazy wins, but she ends her video with a $274 voucher. Even though she didn’t win thousands of dollars, it was an exciting watch. 

SlotsFan Ranking 

At the time of writing, Slot Ladies ranks 64 out of over 120 slots influencers in our database. They’ve earned 1,700+ new subscribers since October 2023. To see where Slot Ladies ranks now.

Schedule: New Videos 

The Slot Ladies usually upload videos once per week, but they’ve recently taken a hiatus from posting. At the time of writing, their latest video (which received 690+ views) was published on January 19th, 2024. However, they’ve been more active on other forms of social media lately. 

The pair last hosted a Facebook Live on February 21st, 2024. They played Dancing Drums until Laycee won the impromptu showdown with a tempting cashout voucher worth $175. 

If they ever decide to get back to posting YouTube videos on a regular schedule, they’ll update their Facebook followers with announcements containing direct links. They don’t have a TikTok page we can find, but you can see the best moments of their biggest wins on YouTube Shorts. 

Origin Story 

Laycee and Melissa joined forces to launch the Slot Ladies YouTube channel on March 26th, 2018. Their oldest video enjoyed surprising popularity with 131k views, and it showed the pair taking advantage of a free games bonus on their first spin. Their second and third videos also did very well. The second video got 101k+ views, and the third got a respectable 82k+ views.

Their popularity petered off for a few years after that, but they started off averaging 10k views per video. They blend unfiltered commentary, exciting slots footage, and high production value equipment to create a returning pool of viewers. Most of their older videos were viewed 50,000 times or more, which gave them a running start for their most popular video in November 2018. 

Laycee captured Melissa’s very respectable $274 win on the Great Guardian slot machine. For the first two years of their channel’s lifetime, the Slot Ladies accumulated a massive community of fans on YouTube! However, their social visibility began going downhill during the pandemic. 

At the peak of their channel’s popularity, Laycee and Melissa were raking in an average of 25k+ views per video. This all changed once COVID affected their ability to create new content in the casino. They’ve recovered from the impact, and they got back to recording as soon as possible. 

Right now, they’re climbing back up the YouTube ranks as they average 1k+ views per video. If they continue posting videos on YouTube, it shouldn’t take them long to reach the height of their powers. 

Biggest Wins

The Slot Ladies have reeled in some seriously impressive jackpot prizes, all of which they won at the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas. Below, we’ve contextualized their three biggest jackpot wins! 

May 17th, 2018: $12,104.46 on Dancing Drums (The Cosmopolitan, Las Vegas) 

Juicy Deucey of the Slot Ladies hit a humongous jackpot on her birthday. Talk about the perfect gift! She was enjoying Planet Hollywood Dancing Drums at the Cosmopolitan in Vegas for $2.64 per spin. After filling up the entire screen on a bonus round, she won a 4,585x jackpot for $12k

August 13th, 2018: $8,527.99 on Lightning Link (The Cosmopolitan, Las Vegas) 

After Cheryl landed a sweet bonus round on Lightning Link at the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas, she was betting $1.50 per spin when she won the major jackpot prize and got 14 out of the 15 balls necessary to receive the Grand Jackpot prize. Tough luck, but $8,137.99 isn’t a bad win! 

May 24th, 2018: $4,944.25 on Buffalo Gold (The Cosmopolitan, Las Vegas) 

Brenda, a friend of the Slot Ladies, hit a massive jackpot win at the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas. She was playing Buffalo Gold for $4 per spin when she connected four tiger symbols to win the jackpot prize of $4,944.25. Brenda used to run her own YouTube channel called @SlotSkunks. 

Community and Giveaways 

After combing through 50+ posts on YouTube’s “Community” section, we can safely say that the Slot Ladies aren’t hosting a giveaway anytime soon. There’s also no word on when (or if) they will host a meet-and-greet. In the meantime, viewers can probably spot them in Las Vegas. 

If you’re not having much luck bumping into the Slot Ladies IRL, they’re happy to answer your questions via social media. It’s estimated that nearly 50,000+ people follow the Slot Ladies on all their social media channels! You can also get in touch with @TheBigJackpot through email

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