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The millennial couple behind Slot Time shies away from gaudy presentations of wealth, instead preferring to keep things simple with their shared love of playing slots across Vegas’ most popular casinos. In this article, we’ll be evaluating their influencer status in 2024.
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As a happily married couple, Slot Time and his better half Crystal prioritize stoking the flames of their partnership. No marriage therapist has ever said that husband and wife can’t bond while in the casino. They’ve been recording their shared gambling adventures since January 10th, 2022. 

That’s when Slot Time decided to launch their YouTube channel. Since then, the pair has been working tirelessly to upload new content and build their viewership. Their channel has a healthy mixture of three-reel slots, flashy progressive jackpot machines, and time-tested fan favorites. 

Let’s take a closer look at how Slot Time stacks up against competing influencers. We’ll discuss the kind of content they normally produce, link out to all their socials, highlight their most popular videos, and deliver some context for the couple’s largest-ever jackpot wins posted on YouTube. 

Slot Time Quick Facts

  • The Slot Time YouTube channel is quite popular already, but his viewership is growing by the day. At the time of writing, he’s earned 22.7k YouTube subscribers and counting. He’s also posted 367+ YouTube slots videos and received 5.6+ million views altogether.
  • Slot Time is one of the only slot influencers to have their own Discord chat server. Unlike other social media channels, Discord allows for uninhibited, free-wheeling conversations between real people and the couple of the hour. They have 190 members and counting.
  • Unfortunately, Slot Time is one of the few YouTube power couples without their own tees and sweaters to sell online. Personally, we’d love to see them market a branded mug. In the meantime, you can buy a channel membership for $0.99 per month to show support.
  • Even though Slot Time publishes most of his content for a public audience, he gives Channel Members plenty of rewarding perks. For starters, the couple publishes Member Exclusives and adds them to a locked playlist on their YouTube page.
  • Slot Time is fairly new on the scene, but they have three additional YouTube channels to explore. They run a claw-machine themed channel known as Plush Time Wins, and Crystal has her own YouTube channel. Finally, the pair run a shared channel for personal vlogs. 

Where to Find Slot Time 

Channel Highlights 

Most Popular Video: We spent $1,000 at the casino!

Slot Time’s most popular video was uploaded to YouTube on August 3rd, 2022. They filmed this video at the Hard Rock Casino, where they showed themselves splurging on casino games in style. At the time of writing, Slot Time has received 183,258+ views and counting on this video

Considering that it’s nearly two hours long, that’s a very impressive view count. Most viewers on YouTube don’t watch videos in their entirety unless it’ll only take up a few seconds. In any case, the pair decided to celebrate getting 10k subscribers by hitting the Las Vegas strip with a grand.

They decide to split their thousand-dollar bankroll across ten popular slot machines, the first of them being The Firecracker. Spending just $0.88 per spin, the couple ends up losing $70 before switching over to Panda Wicked Wheel. Unfortunately, betting $1.60/spin turns out to be a dud. 

The pair continues broadcasting their experience with Huff N’ Puff, Medusa’s Wild, Money Hits, Luxury Line Express, and other progressive jackpot machines. While they don’t end up getting lucky enough to win a five-figure prize, they break even with a final cashout voucher of $895. 

This video was a roller coaster from start to finish, but $105 is well worth paying for two hours of high-quality entertainment. When you look at gambling from this POV, it doesn’t seem that bad.

SlotsFan Ranking 

At the time of writing, Slot Time ranks 60th out of over 120 slots influencers in our database. They’ve earned 1,700+ new subscribers since October 2023. Learn more about slots influencer rankings here.

Schedule: New Videos 

Slot Time posts new videos on their YouTube channel at least once a week. If you want to be among the first viewers to watch their latest content, be sure to pop in between 9 AM – 3 PM EST. However, Angel and Crystal are considerably more active on their joint Facebook page. 

In addition to creating Facebook-only videos for 16,000+ loyal followers, Angel & Crystal always update their Facebook status whenever they post new videos to YouTube. However, Slot Time’s Discord chat server is undergoing a period of growth, so don’t expect to see much activity there. 

Origin Story 

It’s no secret that Slot Time’s rise to Internet popularity came out of left field. They joined the ranks of countless YouTube slots influencers posting original content from Vegas casinos in January 2022, and they’ve been on their way to mainstream success for the past two years. 

Their oldest video, which was published the same month they launched their channel, did very well. They recorded their experience playing the Medusa slot machine and earned 19k+ views. From the beginning of 2022 until mid-2023, they received 10,000+ views on every single video.

Slot Time’s most popular video was also published in August 2022 just eight months after they’d started creating content. Upping the ante from $500 Friday to spending $1,000 at the casino got them 183k+ views. Fast-forwarding to March 2024, they’re still dominating the YouTube charts. 

After averaging between 25k – 30k views per upload for 18 months, the couple’s popularity died down a bit during the latter half of 2023. They dropped back to 10k – 20k views per video before experiencing a sudden uptick in visibility! As of right now, they earn an average of 25k views per video. Given their current trajectory and post schedule, Slot Time is slated to grow exponentially. 

Biggest Wins

Slot Time’s biggest jackpot wins pale in comparison to some of the other influencers taking over YouTube, but they’re slowly putting more notches on their belt. Even though it’s common to see on YouTube, winning thousands of dollars when you’re playing slots is ridiculously uncommon. 

December 31st, 2023: $15,351.58 on Bomb Collector Treasure Heist (Casino Unknown) 

Angel and Crystal landed their first-ever grand jackpot win on December 31st, 2023! They rang in the New Year on Bomb Collector Treasure Heist, and they were betting just $1.50/spin when they earned a bonus. After defusing the right bombs on the next screen, they won $15,351.58. 

April 19th, 2023: $791.52 on Jackpot Carnival Buffalo (Casino Unknown) 

Once Angel and Crystal stumbled across a new game called Jackpot Carnival Buffalo, they just knew they had to give it a shot. They started the session with $200, and they were betting $2.50 per spin when they unexpectedly triggered a major jackpot win at the end of a free game bonus. 

February 22nd, 2023: $570 on Bolt Bullion (Casino Unknown) 

Last but not least, Angel and Crystal were playing Bolt Bullion when they struck gold with their largest win in Las Vegas at the time. Even though $570 might not sound like a very impressive prize, they won 237.5x the amount of their original $2.40 wager during a series of free games. 

Community and Giveaways 

After combing through 50+ posts on Facebook and YouTube’s “Community” section, there’s no evidence of Slot Time hosting any giveaways, meet-and-greets, or real-life events in general. If you were hoping to get in touch with the couple directly, they reply fairly quickly through email

While there’s no word on whether or not Slot Time will host a giveaway, they’ll update Facebook first if they ever change their minds. You can also check the Discord server for announcements.

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