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Hailing from New Orleans, Slotaholic is known for his trademark smile and high-limit slots play. He’s also quite interactive with his fans, going so far as to give $100 bills to random people at the casino. It's safe to say his marketing is paying huge dividends.
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Slotaholic gives it away in the name. Since launching his YouTube channel in 2015, he’s shown his love for New Orleans’ most popular casinos with 1,653 gameplay videos uploaded at the time this article was written. He’s also gotten 10.4+ million views and earned 26.6k YouTube subscribers.

Mixing light-hearted commentary with exciting gameplay, Slotaholic has fine-tuned the winning recipe over the years. He records his biggest wins for the world to see, and he’s always brought a positive attitude to the table. As Slotaholic continues growing his channel, big things lie ahead.

Let’s take a look at how this slot influencer has come up from the bottom of the YouTube charts.

About Slotaholic Quick Facts

  • Slotaholic might love playing slots at real brick-and-mortar casinos, but he’s equally as excited to play social casino games at WOW Vegas. He also does frequent free spins giveaways. Although you can win cash at social casinos, there’s no real money betting.
  • Slotaholic’s real name is Josh Duffy. When he’s not busy recording himself winning big in the high-limit room, you can find him enjoying NOLA’s finest eats. He also loves having a few drinks while he’s playing slots, and he’s made several videos about “Sippin Spinnin”.
  • Joining Slotaholic’s Patreon channel and becoming a Sipper is free, but subscribers who show their support for $4/month will enjoy 10% off Slotaholic merch and early access to new videos. At the top end, “Star Sippers” who pay $49/month will enjoy a 40% discount.
  • Win or lose, Josh always has a good time at the casino. His YouTube slots channel is a labor of love more than anything else. As it says on his website, in addition to recording big wins, it’s important to see “how the money you bring can last”. We definitely agree.
  • In between trips to the casino, Josh enjoys writing songs & posting them to his personal website. He’s also married, and his husband’s name is Joseph (sounds familiar). They’ll film videos together every Thursday for his channel takeover & Side by Side Saturdays. 

Where to Find Slotaholic

Channel Highlights 

Most Popular Video: 💴🎰Cash Machine GONE WILD🙌🏻 with Cindy! 

Slotaholic’s most popular video has earned 140,000+ views since it was published on July 24th, 2020. The video starts off with a quick explanation of Josh’s itinerary for the evening, where he says that he’s brought $750 in slot play credits to use on the popular Cash Machine jackpot slot. 

He’s filming his experience at the Peppermill Resort Spa & Casino in Reno, Nevada for a break from the usual sights and sounds of NOLA. He’s also with his good friend Cindy, who he’s had plenty of fun with over the years. Now, they’ve come together once again to win big in Vegas. 

They start off playing $10/spin before winning a quick hundred bucks and stacking their bankroll up to $1,833 by the time they’ve spun Cash Machine fifty times. Unfortunately, the next 50 spins weren’t quite as profitable. However, they still wrapped up their session with $2,090 in winnings! 

SlotsFan Ranking

At the time of writing, Slotaholic ranks 59th out of over 120 slots influencers in our database. They’ve received 1,000+ new subscribers since October 2023. Click here to see where Slotaholic ranks now.

Schedule: New Videos 

From now until the distant future, Slotaholic is uploading new videos every day at 11 AM CST. If you want to be among the first viewers to watch his content, be sure to follow him on Facebook. He also updates his Instagram every so often, and you’ll catch him announcing giveaways here.

Finally, Josh live-streams his slots gameplay on WOW Vegas every week. You can even select which games he plays next if you’re at the top level of his Patreon (Star Sipper for $49/month). 

Slotaholic’s Origin Story: How Did They Build Their Following? 

While some influencers find immediate success the second they create a YouTube channel, that isn’t the story for Slotaholic. He launched his channel in October 2015 and posted his first-ever video on January 17th, 2016. Although he got 26k views off the bat, it would take a while before he reached that level of popularity again. From 2016-2017, he averaged 1.5k views per upload. 

Never one to be discouraged, Slotaholic and his husband Joseph kept plugging away with daily (or near-daily) uploads. Finally, their hard work began to pay off almost four years after starting their channel. Before the COVID pandemic ravaged casinos, they were enjoying 5k – 10k views each time they posted a video. They quickly recovered from this setback in the first half of 2021. 

Three years ago, Josh and Joseph enjoyed a renewed sense of mainstream success as the pair began getting 20k+ views per upload on a more consistent basis. Fast-forwarding to 2024, Josh is coming back for YouTube’s top spot with a vengeance. He’s on track to dominate the charts! 

Slotaholic’s Largest Jackpot Wins, Recorded on YouTube

Even though Slotaholic hasn’t earned six-and-seven figure prizes at the casino like some of his peers, he’s still enjoyed the kind of luck most players would be happy to find once in a lifetime. We’ve combed through Facebook and YouTube to find Slotaholic’s largest-ever jackpot prizes. 

October 10th, 2022: $22,613.00 on Buffalo Gold Revolution (Coushatta Casino Resort)

Slotaholic’s relatable exclamations hit home, because who knows how we’d react if we got lucky enough to win $22,613 at the casino? Josh landed the Mega Jackpot on the tail end of a bonus. 

March 18th, 2019: $12,614.43 on Lock It Link: Hold Onto Your Hat (Casino Unknown) 

We hope you’re holding onto your hat as Slotaholic plays the aptly named slot machine at the Coushatta. In the first iteration of Josh’s Hundred Dolla-Holla Challenge, he quickly multiplied his $100 bankroll by more than 100! Three top hat symbols revealed two minis and the Grand.

July 22nd, 2020: $4,823.18 on Mighty Cash (Peppermill Casino & Resort Nevada) 

$5,000 might not be a huge amount of money for some influencers, but realistically speaking, it is a fairly sizable jackpot to win. Slotaholic’s experience with Mighty Cash at the Peppermill was a great way to wind down the night. He won the grand jackpot on his seventh and final free spin!

Community and Giveaways 

Slotaholic does weekly giveaways every time he goes live at WOW Vegas. He gives away free spins to lucky subscribers who happen to be tuned in, and he’ll occasionally give away cash at the casino. Just look at him giving $100 to a random casino player and turning that into a video. 

Keep your push notifications on and your eyes peeled for a new live-stream every Monday. He’s also running a promotion where you can sign up and receive 4.5 SC (Sweeps Coins) for free. If you have questions, sign up for his email-only list or send a letter to his actual mailing address. 

He’s gone the extra mile to make his community feel included, and he loves chatting with fans. 

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