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Texas Rose Mendoza Slot Adventures paints herself as an average gambler, but her massive assortment of jackpot handpays and unbelievable luck at the casino tell another story. Everything’s bigger in Texas, and that includes her propensity to win tons of money at the slots.
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Texas Rose Mendoza Slot Adventures, better known as “Rose Mendoza” by her peers, is one of the original slot influencers who joined YouTube. Since launching her slots channel in 2018, she’s worked hard to improve the production value of her content. She’s also never stopped posting.

As a result of her tireless perseverance both inside and outside the casino, Rose’s channel has blown up over the past six years. At the time of writing, she has 8.18k+ subscribers on YouTube. She’s uploaded 348 videos to date, and she’s on the cusp of reaching a seven-figure view count. 

We’ll discuss how Rose managed to secure a loyal audience, dive deeper into the content she posts, and highlight her largest jackpot handpays ever. But first, let’s discuss a few quick facts about this Texas native: 

Texas Rose Mendoza Slot Adventures Quick Facts

  • Although Rose occasionally travels to different casinos, she makes it clear that most of her videos are from Kickapoo Lucky Eagle Casino in Eagle Pass, Texas. Aside from the fact that Kickapoo is a stone’s throw away from her house, it’s also her favorite casino.
  • Texas Rose Mendoza Slot Adventures is less than 80,000 views away from reaching one million views. As of right now, she has 924,471 views and counting. Given her current trajectory, we’d anticipate that she will shatter this barrier before the year’s up.
  • Unlike some of Vegas’ most prolific high rollers, Texas Rose Mendoza Slot Adventures caters to the average player with low to mid-sized wagers. She often spends between $2.00 and $5.00 per spin.
  • Nearly every slot influencer has their own “good luck” rituals, and Texas Rose Mendoza Slot Adventures uses two catchphrases that manifest money. While she chases down big wins, bonuses, and free games, you’ll hear her say “get it, get it” and “land it.”
  • It’s not clear whether this TikTok account belongs to the woman of the hour, but we’d be lying if we said they didn’t look like doppelgangers.

Where to Find Texas Rose Mendoza Slot Adventures

Channel Highlights 

Most Popular Video: Reel Fever Kickapoo Lucky Eagle Casino

Texas Rose Mendoza Slot Adventures’ most popular video broke the Internet on December 18, 2018. Since then, it’s received 32,202 views and counting. Although she didn’t necessarily win the jackpot, this 5-minute clip puts you inside the casino with Rose while she plays Reel Fever. 

She found herself at the Kickapoo Lucky Eagle Casino & Hotel once again, and she kicked off the video by explaining that she’d be gunning for a jackpot on the maximum bet of $3 per spin. She jumps right into the action, and she quickly collects a few small wins on the “BAR” symbol.

Again, she didn’t get three “Reel Fever” symbols on the payline, which would have resulted in her winning the Grand Jackpot prize. However, given that she started with $30 and walked out of the casino with $135, we’d say that Texas Rose had a pretty successful session.

Unfortunately, she doesn’t point the camera at the jackpot table above the slot long enough for us to figure out what each symbol means. Nonetheless, you can feel her excitement as the bell rings over and over again. 

SlotsFan Ranking 

At the time of writing, Texas Rose Mendoza Slot Adventures ranks 85th out of more than 120 slots influencers in our database. To see where Texas Rose Mendoza Slot Adventures ranks now, read the latest version of the Slots Influencer Rankings

Schedule: New Videos 

Texas Rose Mendoza Slot Adventures doesn’t adhere to a specific posting schedule, but she uploads new content at least twice per month. Looking through her recent uploads, she puts together one long-form video with high production value every two weeks. 

She also updates her private Facebook group whenever she posts on YouTube. However, she hasn’t posted anything new on Twitter (X) since November 9, 2019.  

Origin Story 

When Texas Rose Mendoza Slot Adventures launched her YouTube channel on May 9, 2015, she took some notes before uploading the first of many slots videos on June 2, 2018. Of course, as time went on, her camera didn’t shake so much during the intro.

She started out recording short-form content that showed the aftermath of her luckiest bonuses and handpays. However, she realized that she had to change the formula because she only got a few hundred views per clip. This inspired Rosemary to start making long-form content. 

Her most popular video was just five minutes long, but many of her other videos with 10k+ views are 10+ minutes long. She began catering to casual players who wanted to feel as if they were right there with her enjoying low-limit slots together. This approach paid dividends for Rosemary. 

As the years ticked on, her channel experienced peak popularity during 2020 and 2021. By this point, she easily averaged between 3k and 5k views per video with plenty of comments to facilitate interaction. Unfortunately, her success began to die down by the end of 2023 into 2024. 

Now, she’s working on climbing back to the top of the charts. She prioritizes quality over quantity for her fans, which seems to drive engagement. We anticipate that she’ll reach 10k subscribers before 2025 rolls around.  

Texas Rose Mendoza Slot Adventures’ Largest Jackpot Wins!

In the top thumbnail of her YouTube page, Texas Rose Mendoza Slot Adventures shows off a $30,058.26 handpay that she earned on the 88 Fortunes slot. Regrettably, there’s no footage 

of this clip on her YouTube page. As such, we’ve highlighted the jackpots she got on camera. 

May 26, 2018: $1,831.52 on Monopoly: Free Parking (Encore Casino, Las Vegas) 

Texas Rose Mendoza Slot Adventures was playing the Monopoly: Free Parking slot when she won the Jackpot from a single, lucky spin on the game’s bonus wheel. Although the clip is just 17 seconds long, it shows that she won a $1,831.52 handpay from a $2.25 bet. Not bad, huh? 

January 16, 2024: $1,600.90 on Lightning Dollar Link Checkered Flag (Choctaw Casino)

When Texas Rose Mendoza Slot Adventures unlocked the bonus round on Lightning Dollar Link Checkered Flag, she couldn’t have predicted that she’d fill the screen with trophies. After getting fourteen of the fifteen orbs she’d need to win the Grand, she took home $1,600.90 on a $5 spin. 

November 23, 2018: $1,205.73 on Da Ji Da Li (Kickapoo Lucky Eagle Casino & Hotel) 

Last but certainly not least, Texas Rose Mendoza Slot Adventures was playing Da Ji Da Li at Kickapoo Lucky Eagle Casino when she got an enormous win. $1,205.73 isn’t the biggest win we’ve ever seen, but relative to her $1.76 wager, she brought home 685x her original stake. 

Community and Giveaways  

After combing through 50+ posts on Texas Rose Mendoza Slot Adventures’ private Facebook group and YouTube “Community” page, we can assume that Rose hasn’t run any giveaways. However, she’ll occasionally post her whereabouts and encourage fans to catch her in action. 

If we had to guess where she might be on a given day, we’d guess Kickapoo and Choctaw first.

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