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The BigPayBack is one of the original slots channels on YouTube and helped pave the way for the current slots streaming boom. Tim, the man behind the BigPayBack, account is a lifelong lover of slots and it shows in all his content.
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The list of slot influencers that have been in the game for 10+ years is a short one and near the top of that list is Tim from TheBigPayback slot channel. Showcasing his uber-friendly personality and an exciting mix of slot games and casinos, TheBigPayback uploaded his first video all the way back in October 2014. 

Since the creation of the channel, it has grown to over 144,000 subscribers and over 136 million lifetime views. Additionally, if you prefer to watch it live, the channel also features frequent live streams.

The BigPackBack Quick Facts:

  • TheBigPayBack channel has grown to over 144,000 subscribers and over 136 million videos across the 3,300 videos uploaded to the channel.
  • Across the 3300 videos uploaded to the video, TheBigPayBack has over $800,000 in Jackpots.
  • The most common games uploaded to the channel are Lightning Link, Huff N’ Puff, and Wonder 4 Gold Boost.
  • Tim, the person behind TheBigPayBack is from Cleveland, Ohio, and travels frequently to Las Vegas and other US casino destinations.

Where to Watch TheBigPayBack:

Channel Highlights 

Most Popular Video: Tarzan Grand Slot — 5 SYMBOL TRIGGER — BIG WIN BONUS!

Starting the video with $200, TheBigPayBack has a few wins through the game, which includes a small jackpot. In a bonus round, there is also an awarded progressive jackpot which ends the game and video with over $1,000.

Most Popular Live Stream: 🔴 JACKPOT and Ultra Rare Wheel! $3,000 for an AWESOME NIGHT of LIVE SLOTS!

Starting with $3,000, TheBigPayBack plays a variety of games which includes Cash Express Luxury Line, Might Cash Ultra, Aztec Adventures, Pompeii and so much more! On the stream, there are a few big wins, including a jackpot on the mighty cash ultra game.

Schedule: New Videos 

On TheBigPayBack channel, there are new daily videos that are released at 2:15 pm PT or 5:15 PM ET. In addition, there is a new premier every Monday and a new live stream on YouTube every Tuesday.

Origin Story

Tim, the influencer behind TheBigPayBack has been a lifelong lover of slots. In 2014, Tim created the channel and started uploading with a focus on big wins and having an engaging personality. This is a part of what helped grow the channel’s large following. 

Bringing a uniqueness to the channel, TheBigPayBack uploads videos featuring brand-new machines that no one else has featured. Slots fans who want to see new slot machines not featured on other channels should check out TheBigPayBack.

Lightning Link, Huff N’ Puff, and Wonder 4 Gold Boost are some of the most common games uploaded to the channel. By uploading a wide range of slot machine games, the channel has grown to over 144,000 subscribers!

TheBigPayBack’s Biggest Wins

October 5th, 2023: MASSIVE JACKPOT on Buffalo Strike! BIGGEST on YouTube for this Slot!

December 11th, 2023:  $20/Spin → SHOCKING JACKPOT!! Huff N’ More Puff Slot — OMG, EPIC!!!

December 13th, 2023: EXTREME FREE GAMES! Wonder 4 Boost Gold Slots — BIG WIN SESSION! 

Community and Giveaways

Building a foundation for the love of slot machines, TheBigPayBack community is from all over the world. In the community, they can discuss their favorite games, share winnings, and support each other by playing the slots.

In addition to being able to communicate with Tim and TheBigPayBack community through the comments on social media, you can also get directly involved in the videos. If you have a favorite slot that has yet to be featured, on TheBigPayBack website, you can request it. You just need to provide as much detail as possible!

Occasionally, during the live streams, there is also a chance for giveaways. This could include completing specific tasks or answering trivia questions to win the prizes.

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