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Tiffany Mills Slot Channel believes in the power of luck, and she’s uploaded hundreds of YouTube videos proving her point. This growing slots influencer routinely mixes things up with VGT slots, three-reel machines, and the flashy progressive jackpot games we all know and love.
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To quote the woman of the hour, “not knowing is how you win.” She loves a good mystery, and she never knows what to expect when she walks into the casino. That’s what makes it so fun! After joining the platform on July 7, 2015, she slowly climbed to fame with over a million views

She’s also accumulated 9.32k subscribers and posted 311+ videos at the time of writing. We’d expect her channel to blow up this year, especially if she returns from her month-long hiatus to her bona-fide home in the high-limit room. Let’s take a closer look at her flourishing channel. 

First up, we’ve done the research to list five fun facts you might not know about Tiffany Mills. 

Quick Facts About Tiffany Mills Slot Channel 

  • Tiffany Mills primarily focuses on recording casino content, but she took a stand against cyberbullying during her poignant live stream on October 28, 2023. She also details her own experiences, implicating the S&R vs Slots channel in mocking a late family member.
  • Zooming in on her personal life, Tiffany has an incredibly cute (and tiny) dog named Lola that occasionally makes an appearance on the Community section of her YouTube page. Our favorite pic is from March, when Lola wished her audience a happy St. Patty’s Day.
  • Like all popular influencers, Tiffany has a trademark slogan that you’ll catch her saying in most (if not all) of her videos. When you hear “Who loves you baby” and “How bout them apples?”, you know it’s about to get serious. That’s how she starts her gaming sessions.
  • Tiffany keeps her personal life under wraps, and it’s not known whether she’s married or with children. However, with a bit of research, our team was able to find out that she may speak two languages. She runs two Facebook groups available in Russian and English.
  • Tiffany understands that the continued love and loyalty of her fans is the reason for her success, and she makes it a point to welcome all her Facebook followers with a special shout-out. If nothing else, our team can appreciate that she makes everyone feel seen. 

Where to Find Tiffany Mills Slot Channel Online 

Channel Highlights 


The most popular video uploaded to Tiffany Mills Slot Channel was posted on April 28, 2020. It’s since received 275 likes and 17,859+ views at the time of writing. Over the span of ten minutes, Tiffany takes her viewers through a roller coaster ride of ups, downs and everything in between. 

However, she begins the session on a good note after she wins a $1,560.00 jackpot on a VGT machine at Choctaw Casino in OK. After sneaking into the high-limit room (her words, not ours), she decided to spin Pieces of Eight on a $10 denomination. She must have been feeling lucky.

The camera pans to her pre-recorded footage before the miracle jackpot makes its way onto the red screen, showing that Tiffany already has $834.10 loaded in the machine. At first she spends $30/spin, which quickly whittles her existing bankroll down to $504 before she hits for a $70 win.

Her luck seems to be on its last legs when she cuts her losses and cashes out $304.10. That’s why backup spins can be risky, especially when three of them will set you back a full Benjamin. 

Thankfully, she tries her luck on Counting Cash for $6/spin and earns a profit of $510 to lessen the sting. It’s a shame that Tiffany didn’t get to film her win, but a picture of the prize will suffice. 

SlotsFan Ranking 

At the time of writing, Tiffany Mills Slot Channel ranks 78th out of more than 120 slot influencers in our database. To see where Tiffany Mills Slot Channel ranks now, check the latest version of the Slots Influencer Rankings as she moves towards her long-time goal of 10,000+ subscribers. 

Schedule: New Videos 

Tiffany Mills doesn’t always post new videos, but she focuses on quality over quantity. Before taking a short hiatus from the casino, she was uploading long-form content twice per month. It’s not the most consistent schedule we’ve ever seen, but she always delivers top-caliber footage. 

If you want to be among the first viewers to know when she makes her return to YouTube, we’d suggest joining her Facebook group. She always updates her status after publishing slot videos.

Origin Story 

Although Tiffany joined YouTube in the fall of 2015, she lurked around and took notes from other popular influencers for quite a few years. Finally, she decided to embark on her journey to online fame with her first-ever video in November 2018. She received a rather impressive 1,078 views. 

Encouraged by her initial foray into the YouTube slots industry, Tiffany kept posting videos of her biggest wins and luckiest bonuses for the masses. While she started with clips that only lasted a minute or so, she upped her production value when she switched her focus to long-form videos. 

Tiffany went from averaging 500 – 1,000 views per upload to making waves with the occasional video reaching 6k views. It was slow going for the first two years of her channel’s existence, but she crossed the line into mainstream fame during the initial days of the pandemic in April 2020. 

By this point in her flourishing career as a slot influencer, she had developed the ability to create engaging thumbnails and keep her viewers’ attention with a punchy introduction. Tiffany hasn’t deviated much from the winning formula, and she currently enjoys a similar level of popularity. 

Tiffany Mills Slot Channel’s Biggest Jackpot Wins

Tiffany Mills hasn’t hit for quite as many handpays as her peers, but you know what they say about visiting the casino – the house always wins. However, it’s time to take a look at all the times she came out on top. Here, we’ve highlighted and discussed her three largest jackpots.

January 23, 2019: $7,558 on Double Jackpot Gems (Kickapoo Lucky Eagle Casino) 

Tiffany’s largest win to date took place on the Double Jackpot Gems slot machine at Kickapoo Lucky Eagle Casino in Eagle Pass, TX. While she only recorded the aftermath of her $7,558 handpay, her laughter is contagious and you can feel the excitement tinging the atmosphere. 

April 5, 2021: $4,600 on VGT Crazy Cherry Wild Frenzy (Choctaw Resort & Casino) 

Tiffany embarked on a rough, 22-minute ride with the Crazy Cherry Wild Frenzy slot game, but she beat the house with a $4,600 profit. After loading the machine with just $200 and spending $18 per spin, she landed a tax-free $3,200 win followed by yet another $1,400 jackpot handpay. 

April 28, 2020: $1,560 on Pieces of Eight (Choctaw Resort & Casino) 

Tiffany’s third-largest handpay is another case of “too little, too late” when it comes to capturing the actual footage, but she whipped out the camera for 10 minutes of $30 backup spins. Luckily, she left the high-limit room unscathed after winning $1,560 followed by another $510 in profits. 

Community and Giveaways 

After combing through 100+ posts on Tiffany’s YouTube “Community” page, we saw that she’s hosted giveaways and group pulls in the past. It’s been approximately a year since she last did something interactive, so we hope she gets back to rewarding her fans with a giveaway soon. 

If she ever changes her mind, her Facebook followers will be the first to know. You can also get in touch with Tiffany via email if you have any questions, concerns, or just want to wish her well.

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