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Formerly known as TV Slots, Vegas Gamblers has positioned themselves at the heart of the action in Sin City. Slots and jackpot games might be Tanya and JV’s bread and butter, but they’re not afraid to show off their blackjack skills: we’ll be taking a look at their influencer status.
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Vegas Gamblers launched their new YouTube channel in April of 2021, chronicling their big move to Sin City! Even though it’s not Tanya and JV’s first rodeo, they’ve been hard at work expanding their online presence. Over the past three years, they’ve earned 22.1k+ subscribers. 

They’ve also posted a staggering 360 videos (which share 8 million views in total) at the time of writing. Because they have a voracious appetite for all things slots and blackjack, there’s plenty of content for both sides of the aisle. In the spirit of authenticity, they post their wins and losses.   

While Vegas Gamblers might not be the most popular slots influencers on YouTube, they blend real-life commentary & high-limit play to put the viewer right there on the casino floor with them. 

Quick Facts About Vegas Gamblers 

  • Vegas Gamblers prefer to keep their personal lives and gambling personas separate. If you want to support them, you can freely subscribe to their YouTube channel. Otherwise, the only other site you’ll find them on is Facebook. They don’t run any alternative socials.
  • Right now, Vegas Gamblers’ Facebook page is undergoing renovations. It’s expected to be back up and running shortly. Once fixed, you’ll find all Vegas Gamblers’ highlight reels showcasing their big wins! You’ll also be the first to know when they post content.
  • Vegas Gamblers recently caused a bit of confusion after taking an unexplained 6-month hiatus from posting new videos. They recently took to YouTube’s “Community” section to explain their absence. They also stated that they’d be posting again in the summertime.
  • Vegas Gamblers never claimed to only play slots in their time spent at the casino, but they’ve been going hard at the blackjack table recently. Aside from the fact that Vegas Gamblers’ most popular video is blackjack-related, their 30+ latest video clips are, too.
  • In their YouTube bio, Vegas Gamblers states that they try to gamble “high-limit” as much as possible. When they’re not busy playing blackjack in Vegas’ busiest casinos, you can find them taking a stab at three-reel slots. They also go after jackpots on Lightning Link.

Where to Find Vegas Gamblers 

Channel Highlights 

Most Popular Video: 👉 INSANE Blackjack WIN! Gambling in a Las Vegas Casino!!

Vegas Gamblers’ most popular video was published on September 30th, 2022. Since then, they have received 875,475+ views and counting. It was filmed at the Boulder Station in Las Vegas, where JV (John) had his best blackjack run to date. He spent $50 – $300 per hand for this video.

It says in the video description that all this footage came from a 2-hour blackjack session. They showed the most exciting 26 minutes from that session. The video starts off rough for JV, but it quickly turns out that John’s luck is changing for the better once the second buy-in takes place. 

JV buys into the game with $1,000 and is met with a $50 bet minimum. He loses the first couple hands and decides to double his bets in response. He whittles his bankroll down to $825. This doesn’t stop JV from escalating his bets to $200/hand before dropping them back down to $50. 

By the time the 14-minute mark rolls around, JV has lost all but his final $50. He quickly turns it into $500, but gets knocked down to $300. Even though he’s down $700 before the second buy in, he starts playing with another $1,000 and bumped his bankroll up to $2,550 before calling it. 

SlotsFan Ranking 

At the time of writing, Vegas Gamblers ranks 61 out of more than 120 slots influencers in our database. They’ve earned 1,700+ new subscribers since October 2023. To see where Vegas Gamblers ranks now, check out the latest version of the SlotsFan Slots Influencer Rankings here

Schedule: New Videos 

As mentioned, Vegas Gamblers is on an extended hiatus from posting new videos until summer. Their Facebook page is currently down, meaning we can’t see how often they usually post there. However, they used to upload new slots and blackjack content at least once a week. 

They last ran a live stream on November 28th, 2021. There’s no word about when their next one might be! Either way, if it ever ends up happening, chances are high that JV will be recording his latest wins at the blackjack table. 

Origin Story

Not much is known about the TV Slots channel before they became Vegas Gamblers, but we have to assume they built their platform around many of the same tenets that guarantee their success. They’re always playing for keeps, and their personality shines through in every video. 

Keeping that in mind, the oldest video on Vegas Gamblers’ channel was uploaded on April 14th, 2021. Even though JV and Tracy filmed themselves winning thousands of dollars on the popular  Dragon Link and Wild Wild Jackpot Gems slot machines, their video was only viewed 458 times. 

Still, it’s customary for brand-new YouTube channels to have a period of stagnation followed by growth. Never feeling discouraged by their lack of viewership, Tanya and JV kept recording and posting new videos twice or even three times a week. 

Their luck changed for the better in August 2021, where they earned 15k+ views on their grand jackpot win at the Hard Rock in Tampa. However, they received just hundreds of views on their uploads for the first year. In 2022 and 2023, their channel began to grow in size and popularity.

As they continued climbing the ranks on YouTube, Vegas Gamblers’ average view count soared from 1,000 to 10k+ in just a few months. While they took a break from posting in July 2023, the couple was averaging between 20k – 60k views per upload before disappearing without a trace. 

Vegas Gamblers’ Largest Jackpot Wins, Recorded on YouTube 

Even though JV and Tracy love playing blackjack at the casino, it’s hard to compete with jackpot slot wins. They’ve won some considerable sums of money playing their favorite tables, but their three largest prizes were from Drop N’ Slide, Dragon Link, and Lightning Link at the Hard Rock

August 13th, 2021: $16,518.20 on Drop N’ Slide (Seminole Hard Rock Tampa) 

JV and Tracy weren’t expecting much when they played Drop N’ Slide, but they went home with the grand jackpot prize. They were betting $2.50 per spin when they hit an awesome bonus and rang the bell to win $16,518.20. You can watch all the action happen at the seven-minute mark. 

October 17th, 2021: $7,584.46 on Dragon Link (Seminole Hard Rock Tampa) 

Vegas Gamblers were down to their last legs when they unexpectedly hit their largest-ever win on Dragon Link at the Hard Rock Casino in Tampa, FL. They were betting $12.50 per spin in the high-limit room when Tracy hit the major jackpot on a bonus round, leaving her with $7,096.96. 

November 23rd, 2021: $6,719.74 on Lightning Link (Seminole Hard Rock Tampa) 

Lightning Link is known for having massive jackpots on deck, but Tracy and JV didn’t think they would be tonight’s lucky winners at the Hard Rock Casino in Tampa, FL. They were betting $5 per spin when they landed a bonus, which gave them the major jackpot for a hefty 1,200x win. 

Community and Giveaways 

After combing through 50+ posts on Vegas Gambler’s YouTube “Community” section, we don’t believe they’ve ever hosted a giveaway. To our knowledge, they don’t run any meet-and-greets. However, if you find them in person, there’s a chance JV might play poker with you on camera. 

Finally, if you send them an email (listed in their YouTube bio), they’d happily answer your questions! They also appreciate hearing from their fans just to chat or discuss gambling wins. 

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