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The WCF Boyz are representing Chicago in rare form. They’re recording slot game wins, live streaming their casino adventures, and leaving their mark on the YouTube industry. We’re diving deep to discover what the Windy City Frenzy (WCF) Boyz have been up to lately.
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Bruce and Ken hail from the Windy City, and they’ve blown all the way over from Chicago to Las Vegas. After joining YouTube in April 2016, the WCF Boyz began posting the results of their slot play. They quickly made a name for themselves by posting exciting footage of their biggest wins. 

Their videos started out shaky, but this influencer tag team quickly improved their production value once they started to get popular on YouTube. At the time of writing, they’ve uploaded 602 videos and gotten 4.2 million views. The WCF Boyz also have a respectable 13.8k subscribers.

We’ll be taking a closer look at the kind of content they post, revealing their biggest jackpot wins to date, and discussing the WCF Boyz’ slow climb from insignificance over the past eight years. 

Quick Facts About WCF Boyz 

  • They didn’t give a reason why, but the WCF Boyz recently collaborated with E-Z Pass to create an informational video that shows customers how to activate their new sticker. In the state of Illinois, E-Z Pass is giving out stickers instead of the traditional transponders.
  • The WCF Boyz run a shop where you can support their casino adventures with your purchase. Unfortunately, their Creator Spring link is broken right now. Buy sweatshirts, phone cases, tees, and other apparel that gives Chicago the recognition it deserves.
  • Bruce and Ken have made connections in high places over the years, and they usually collaborate with influencers of similar status. They’ve created videos with @NJSlotGuy, @CassanovaSlots, @JackpotJoeSlots, and @TexasRoseMendozaSlotAdventures.
  • The WCF Boyz are one of the only slot influencer pairs willing to post their outtakes and bloopers on YouTube. Their playlist, “Windy City Frenzy Exclusives,” reminds us not to take our favorite influencers too seriously – everyone messes up occasionally.
  • The WCF Boyz spend most of their time creating slots content, but they’ll occasionally veer from the beaten path to post about Vegas’ finest restaurants, film vlog-style tours, and go live to stream their Halloween yacht trip. It’s nice to see creators offering variety!

Where to Find WCF Boyz Online 

Channel Highlights 


The WCF Boyz’ most popular video was uploaded to YouTube on April 15th, 2017. Since then, the pair has earned 356,000+ views at the time of writing. They played Double Diamond (a 25 cent slot) and Triple Red Hot 777 (a one-dollar slot) with $100 to start at the Mirage in Vegas.

First up is Triple Red Hot 777, where Bruce and Ken find themselves wagering $3 per spin. The first few bets are uneventful, and there are several instances where the pair comes just short of getting a jackpot win. Eventually, they decide to wrap things up and migrate to Double Diamond.

This is where the WCF Boyz’ luck begins to change for the better. They decide to play nine lines and two credits per line, which amounts to $4.50 per spin. For a couple minutes, they just keep winning back the amount of their previous bet until they make some headway with a $17.50 win.

Finally, the floodgates burst open when they landed a Double Diamond symbol on top of several BAR symbols to win 808 credits. Each credit is worth $0.25, leaving the pair with a $240.00 win. 

They might not have won a huge jackpot prize, but it was nice to see Double Diamond loosen up after giving Bruce and Ken a hard time. Their commentary kept us on the edge of our seats. 

SlotsFan Ranking 

At the time of writing, WCF Boyz ranks 70th out of over 120 slots influencers in our database. They’ve earned more than 300 subscribers since October of 2023. To see where WCF Boyz ranks now, check out the latest version here.

Schedule: New Videos 

The WCF Boyz don’t adhere to a particular schedule when posting content, but they upload new videos to their YouTube channel once or twice a week. If you want to be among the first viewers to watch the pair’s latest content, be sure to check their channel between 10 AM and 3 PM EST. 

They also update their Facebook page whenever they post on YouTube, but their Instagram is down for the moment. You can also catch upcoming announcements on their YouTube channel’s “Community” page. That’s where they indicate when they’ll be doing a live stream next. 

Origin Story 

The WCF Boyz came out of left field when they started posting slots content back in 2016. Their first video, which showed them playing the Lepre’Coins slot at a casino in Chicago, received just 300+ views. However, they quickly improved their production value and earned more popularity. 

They built a following around posting footage of their biggest wins, unlikeliest comebacks, most impressive bonuses, and other casino adventures. Just a year after launching their slot channel, they recorded themselves playing Double Diamond at the Mirage and received 356,000+ views. 

Their most popular video was published in April 2017. The WCF Boyz would once again shatter the six-figure views mark in March 2018, when they received an impressive 223,000+ views for winning a jackpot handpay on Buffalo Gold. From 2018 until 2020, they averaged 3k – 5k views per upload. Although their Internet fame waned over time, they still pull in major foot traffic. 

After experiencing a lull during the pandemic, the WCF Boyz worked hard to regain their status and lived to see another day. As of right now, they’re averaging between 2k – 3k views on each video. However, their current trajectory spells out much more popularity for them in the future.

Biggest Wins

The WCF Boyz have won some pretty impressive jackpot handpays, and subscribers can watch Bruce and Ken enjoy unbelievable luck in Vegas on their channel. Here, we compiled footage of their three biggest jackpot wins and gave some necessary context about how they happened.

January 7, 2021: $17,715.56 on Double Blessing (Oasis of the Seas, Rudies Cruise) 

The WCF Boyz were playing Double Blessing on the Rudies Cruise for $5.28 a spin when they earned their largest jackpot prize to date. They connected three matching baby symbols on the screen, winning the pair $17,715.56. The excitement and tension in the air is almost palpable!

July 20, 2022: $2,795.30 on Buffalo Gold (Four Winds Casino, Michigan) 

Bruce and Ken took home an impressive $2,795.30 on Buffalo Gold at the Four Winds Casino in New Buffalo, MI. This clip shows the immediate aftermath of them winning the jackpot. The pair collected thirteen buffalo heads, eight of which they received on their winning spin. 

December 1, 2022: $1,613 on The Price is Right (Potawatomi Casino

Last but certainly not least, the WCF Boyz were playing The Price is Right at the Potawatomi Casino when they connected a 3x, 2x, and 5x multiplier in addition to three BAR symbols. The pair were spending $5 per spin when their luck changed for the better with this unexpected win. 

Community and Giveaways 

After combing through 100+ posts from the WCF Boyz on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram, we can safely assume that they don’t host any giveaways. However, they encourage their fans to attend group events in Las Vegas, and they always announce where they’re going to be next.

If they do decide to change their mind and do a giveaway, they’ll usually post on Facebook first. 

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