How to Redeem Sweeps Coins for Prizes: What You Need to Know

It’s possible to redeem Sweeps Coins for huge cash prizes but there are some requirements. For instance, you'll need to verify your identity and there's usually a minimum amount you can redeem.
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Thanks to social casinos, anyone over 18 years old can play casino style games online from anywhere in the US (except for Washington) or Canada (except for Quebec).

Normally, you can play the games in two ways. Standard Mode uses a free virtual token called Gold Coins, which act like play money and can’t be withdrawn or redeemed for prizes.

Sweepstakes Mode uses another virtual token called Sweeps Coins. Sweeps Coins are also free and have no inherent value, but your SC winnings can be redeemed for special prizes, including gift cards, cash prizes and more.

You can get free Sweeps Coins in a number of ways:

  • As part of a sign up bonus
  • Daily login bonuses
  • Social media giveaways
  • Mail in requests
  • FREE Sweeps Coins when you purchase additional Gold Coins

Fore more information about acquiring Sweeps coins check out our Maximizing Coin Giveaways page.

On this page, we’re going deep on everything you need to know about how to redeem Sweeps Coins for prizes.

Understanding the Redemption Process

Redeeming Sweeps Coins is pretty straightforward, but there are several steps you need to be aware of. The process tends to be largely similar across different social casinos, but you could also come across minor variations from what we’re describing here, depending on the site. 

First up, before you can make a redemption there are some conditions you need to fulfill. 

Normally, you need to have accumulated a certain minimum threshold of Sweeps Coins before your social casino will process a redemption. For example, at Chumba Casino you need a minimum of 100 SCs to make a cash prize redemption. At Luckyland Slots, the minimum is 50 SCs. 

One Sweep Coin often corresponds to a single dollar in prize redemption, but it can vary depending on the social casino.

Next up, you’ll need to have completed the wagering requirements attached to your Sweeps Coins. This is something that often trips up people who aren’t aware of it. 

Wagering requirements refers to the idea that you need to play with your coins a certain number of times before you can request a redemption. Most social casinos – like Chumba for instance – include a wagering requirement of 1x on all Sweeps Coins. 

This simply means you can’t redeem any Sweeps Coins without first using them to play a game at least once. 

Let’s say you receive 30 FREE Sweeps Coins.

With 1x wagering requirements you need to play with all 30 Sweeps Coins on slots or other games once before they are eligible for redemption. If the wagering requirements were 2x, you would need to play with them all at least twice (meaning 60 Sweeps Coins) to unlock the original 30 for redemption – and so on. 

You can see the wagering requirements at various social casinos here:

Social CasinoSC Rollover Requirements
Wow VegasNot applicable
My Choice CasinoNot applicable
Chumba Casino1x
Luckyland Slots1x
Global Poker1x
Fortune Coins1x
Gambino SlotsNot applicable
BetRivers.netNot applicable
B spot2x
Funrize CasinoNot applicable

So, you’ve hit the Sweeps Coins threshold and completed the wagering requirements, and you’re ready to make a redemption. You should find the “Redeem” button prominently displayed in the social casino’s menu. 

If it’s your first redemption, you’ll need to verify your identity. This is a legal requirement for social casinos and takes a little bit of extra time and effort, but you only need to do it once. 

You’ll be guided through the process, which involves uploading some copies of some personal identification documents, to make sure it corresponds to the other details of your account. 

Normally, you’ll need to send a copy of a photo ID, proof of address and maybe a selfie. The social casino’s verification team reviews your documents and if everything is good to go, you should get verified pretty quickly. 

It varies depending on the site and when you begin the process, but you’re looking at anything from a few hours to a few days. 

Finally, once you’re verified you’ll be able to choose what type of redemption you want. The final step is very simple – just choose your prize and where you would like it to be sent. 

Types of Prizes Available

The most common types of prizes available at social casinos are cash prizes and gift cards. 

Cash prizes can be sent in a variety of ways, including directly to your bank account or to your e-wallet account. 

If you previously purchased a Gold Coin offer, many social casinos have a policy of sending your cash prize redemptions via the same banking method, if possible. 

Gift cards are typically sent to the email address associated with your account. 

While cash prizes are the more popular option in general, gift cards do have a couple of advantages of their own. For one, gift card redemptions are sometimes available at a lower threshold of SC compared with cash prizes. You also only need an email address to redeem one, with no need to get your bank account involved if you prefer not to.

While cash prizes and gift cards are by far the most common, you may find some social casinos that offer other types of prizes for redemption. The options can vary depending on both the site and your location too.

Tips for Maximizing Redemption Value

While Social Casinos and sweepstakes prizes are on the whole pretty easy to use, there are a couple of areas that can trip up new players. These are our top pieces of advice for maximizing your redemptions and making the whole process as smooth as possible:

  • Keep your eyes peeled for Sweeps Coins bonuses and promotions. In particular, make sure you are following your social casino on different social media platforms. There are all kinds of ways to pick up extra Sweeps Coins, which means more opportunities to redeem prizes.
  • Don’t get hung up on prizes and be prepared not to redeem them every time. Social casinos are about fun, first and foremost. Redeeming prizes here and there is great, but it’s just a small part of the overall experience. 
  • Take extra care with the verification process. Making sure all your docs and details are correct saves you a lot of time in the redemption process.
  • Finally, and most importantly, always read the terms and conditions carefully. From wagering requirements to verification, every social casino is a little different and you need to follow the instructions exactly to get the most out of your experience.
Author: Ciaran Breslin
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