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Watch Mr. Hand Pay Crush A $31k Jackpot on Buffalo Link

Mr. Hand Pay is no stranger to betting big, and one could say his latest jackpot win on Buffalo Link was just another day at the office. However, $31k is $31k, no matter how you slice it.

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Mr. Hand Pay has always been the type of casino enthusiast to play for keeps, and he’s loaded with cash. That’s why nobody on our team was surprised to see him spending $250 on each Buffalo Link spin in pursuit of the machine’s largest-ever major jackpot prize – $34,614.73.

This 40-minute video premiered late last month. He was initially drawn to the machine after he noticed the maxed-out Grand Jackpot prize of $100,000. So, he loaded $7,500 in the game and got down to work – in fact, he reserved three machines all for himself. 

Mr. Hand Pay Enjoyed An Unexpected Surprise During the Bonus

Even though Mr. Hand Pay enjoyed a series of smaller prizes during the first 10 minutes of this groundbreaking session, the action picked up once he stopped betting $15-$25/spin and started putting some real money on the line. To do this, he progressed through every bet denomination. 

After having sub-par luck on the $0.05 and $0.10 minimum bet denominations, he bumped up to $0.25 and then $0.50. He claims that he usually wins something by going through each bet size individually, but we could see him start to sweat as he transformed $7,500 into a mere $238.25.

At the 8:32 mark of this video, Mr. Hand Pay was granted a shot at redemption when he triggers a “Lucky Chance Spin.” Unfortunately, he didn’t win a free game and was forced to add $2,000 to the machine. By this point, he’s nearly $15,000 in the hole and is waiting on a casino miracle. 

Finally, his luck changed for the better when he unlocked a profitable bonus round on the $0.25 bet denomination. He was spending $250 a spin and most likely questioning his life choices when he saw the Major Jackpot ball appear on the screen at the 13-minute mark of this exciting video. 

“What just happened? What just happened? I’m, like, getting ready to put all this money in the machine and we get a $24,000 major,” he said. During the bonus round, he collected 18 of the 20 coins required to win the Grand Jackpot prize. 

Although it must have felt bittersweet to Mr. Hand Pay at the moment, he earned a respectable $31,527.60 during the bonus round.

Comparing $31,000 Against Mr. HandPay’s Largest Jackpot Wins

Even though $31,000 is $31,000 no matter how rich you are, his latest jackpot prize on Buffalo Link pales in comparison to some of the larger progressive wins he’s brought home. He barely blinks an eye at losing $15,000 in 10 minutes, but that happens when you’re betting $250/spin. 

Nonetheless, this is a great moment to shed light on the mind-boggling luck he’s enjoyed in the past. Most players couldn’t fathom winning $3,100 let alone $31,000, but you’ll need to multiply that number by three if you want a clue as to just how much dough Mr. Hand Pay was raking in. 

December 3, 2023: $105,789.52 on Coin Trio: Piggy Burst (Talking Stick Resort)

Mr. Hand Pay makes it evidently clear when he’s hunting for jackpots because he’s spending a ridiculous amount of money with every wager. We’ve seen him spend anywhere from $250 to $2,500 per spin (no, that’s not a typo), which is why he probably didn’t expect to win six figures betting just $120/spin. It sounds like a whole lot of money because it is, but not by comparison. 

At the 30-minute mark of what would soon become Mr. Hand Pay’s magnum opus, he unlocked a bonus round that didn’t look to be all that promising until he collected all fifteen bonus coins to earn the Grand Jackpot of $92,679.52. He also earned $13,110 from all the remaining symbols. 

October 1, 2023: $94,925 on Buffalo Link (Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, Florida) 

Unfortunately, Mr. Hand Pay’s second-largest jackpot came on the heels of a six-figure loss. The only reason he was able to profit from his weekend at the Seminole Hard Rock is because he enjoyed an incredible string of luck the day after winning a staggering $94,925 on Buffalo Link.

He took a gamble and made a killing, turning $5,000 into two separate jackpot wins of $20,500 and $42,145 respectively. God doesn’t usually give with both hands, but Boehlke is an obvious exception to this maxim. 

January 31, 2023: $88,306 on Crystal Star Deluxe (Casino Unknown) 

Last but not least, Mr. Hand Pay proved that luck is on his side once more when he won his third-largest jackpot prize of $88,306 on the old-school Crystal Star Deluxe three-reel slot. He turned a single, $45 wager into nearly six figures when he connected three matching symbols. 

Just in case you don’t feel like breaking out the calculator, he took home 1,962x his $45 stake. 

Mr. Hand Pay’s Huge Wins Are Something To Write Home About!

Other notable jackpots of his include an $80,000 win on Double Diamond and a $56,100 win on Mighty Cash: Double Up. Honestly, it’s hard to believe that neither of these made the top three. 

Even though you can’t walk in the casino expecting to get rich like the Jackpot King himself, we can live vicariously through his borderline reckless betting habits and determination to win big. 

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