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Power Rankings: Vegas Matt Smashes 600k+ Subs, Brettski Arrives

Vegas Matt, The Big Jackpot and Brettski all had outstanding months, according to the latest edition of the SlotsFan Power Rankings.

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Is the #1 spot on the slot streamer rankings in sight for Vegas Matt? It certainly seems possible after another strong month for the surging YouTube Channel.

Vegas Matt still trails Brian Christopher Slots by approximately 50,000 subs, but that number doesn’t seem unassailable, as Matt has gained tens of thousands of new followers every month.

Our top 10 got a new entry this month as all-around gambler Brettski made his debut at the bottom of the rankings. The Brettski channel has shown tremendous growth over the last six months and it wouldn’t be a surprise to see it ascend even higher up the rankings.

Let’s get to the rankings.

Brettski Debuts in Top 10

There wasn’t a ton of movement when it came to the top 10 slots streamers on YouTube this month.

TheBigJackpot and Lady Luck HQ swapped places but could easily swap back next month. NG Slots had a relatively slow month – by his standards – but held onto fourth position.

Finally we had one new entry to the top 10. Poker player/all-around gambler Brettski made it into the top 10 for the first time ever. He bumped out Jackpot Gents to snag 10th place in the rankings.

Here’s a look at how the rest of the top 10 looks this month in terms of subs.

1.Brian Christopher Slots684,000
2.Vegas Matt632,000
3.Mr. Hand Pay577,000
4.NG Slot550,000
5.TheBigJackpot546,000↑ 1
6.LadyLuckHQ544,000↓ 1
7.Vegas Low Roller353,000
8.Cowboy Slots264,000
9.Pompsie Slots221,000
10.Brettski206,000↑ 1

SlotsFan Power 5

Every month, SlotsFan ranks the top five slots-focused YouTube channels based on various factors, including subscription growth, views, video output, and intangibles like social media presence and fan engagement.

Unlike the regular slot rankings, the Power 5 isn’t ranked solely by subscription numbers. We’re trying to draw attention to slots influencers that had particularly big months in terms of engagement or views.

It’s an exciting time to be a slots fan as Vegas Matt continues to make huge strides to the top of the charts while slots king Brian Christopher appears somewhat stagnant.

This month we also had slots influencer NJ Slot Guy chime in with his own thoughts about the Power 5 and provide some insight to some of the best slots channels in the world.

Here’s a look at how it all stacks up:

1. Brian Christopher Slots

Brian Christopher remains the king of slots on YouTube, but for how much longer?

Vegas Matt has been a historic tear and there’s a chance he will pass BC slots and takes first place as early as July. Brian Christopher picked up over 4,000 new subscribers in June but that’s significantly less than Vegas Matt.

It was still a good month for Brian Christopher who uploaded several smash-hit videos including his biggest group pull ever and an extremely unusual hit on Lock It Link.

Subs: 684,000 (+5,000)

Most popular video in June (224,000 views):

I’ve NEVER Seen This Before 🐖 & on the 2ND SPIN!

NJ Slot Guy Says:

“BC keeps showing why he is #1. The progression on his gameplay layout has moved other creators to do the same with the split screen. By doing this, he allows the audience to get his live reaction instead of sitting behind the camera like most of us do. He continues to be an icon in this space and someone you want to mimic when it comes to being a creator. Highlighting his June video here, he hits a 6 pig 1st 2 line bonus with a monster $750 spot dropping to help his session. As usual, regardless of the play he keeps us entertained and just recently had his biggest group pull ever!”

2. Vegas Matt

Was there any doubt? Vegas Matt is still on an absolute tear and picked up an extra 50,000+ subs in June. He’s got a vice-grip on 2nd place and seems destined to take #1.

It was a particularly good month for Vegas Matt as he easily surpassed the 600,000 subs mark and ended with over 630,000.

Matt celebrated passing the 600,000 subs mark by doing massive $600 spins on Buffalo Gold Collection. The session went awry but attracted over 700,000 views, making it the most-watched slots video of the month.

Subs: 632,000 (+57,000)

Most popular video in June (634,000 views):

$600 Spins Celebrating 600,000 Subscribers!

NJ Slot Guy Says:

“Vegas Matt continues to prove why he is in the top three and possibly the top spot in the coming months. Even though his neck chain is better than mine, I hold no quarrels. In his highlighted video here, he rocks $200 Spins On Buffalo Cash/Link (I forgot which one it is) and absolutely crushed the bonus rounds. It is hard to turn off when its 50 minutes of $200 spins. His growth is natural and the entire community seems to be rallying around him labeling him as ‘the best creator in the space’

3. Mr. Handpay

Mr. Handpay has been on a different level over the past six months and June was no exception.

He picked up nearly 30,000 subs but also posted numerous videos that attracted over 200,00 views each.

His biggest videos of the month featured Mr. Handpay treating a random stranger named Nina to some free play on a Chili Chili Fire Hot Rush Red Fever machine. It just so happened that Nina was extremely lucky and would go on to win the biggest jackpot of her life.

Another incredibly solid month for Mr. Handpay and there’s a decent chance he cracks the 600,000 sub-mark in July.

Subs: 577,000 (+28,000)

Most popular video in June (389,939 views):

Lucky Nina Hits The BIGGEST JACKPOT of Her LIFE!

NJ Slot Guy Says:

In my opinion, one of the most entertaining channels in this space as of now. Regardless of what he plays or does, Mr Handpay seems to lock you in with his character and his grasp on his audience. He knows exactly what they want and when they want it. He has been a rising creator since he stepped into the space and isn’t stopping until he is in that #1 spot. In his highlighted video, he gives someone a chance to play higher than they usually do and keep the profits. Hopefully starting a trend for all of us as creators to do the same with our audience.

4. The Big Jackpot

Outside of Vegas Matt, Scott “TheBigJackpot” Richter was the biggest gainer of the month in terms of subs.

The Big Jackpot nearly grabbed 50,000 subs in a monster month that saw him post several noteworthy videos including collaboration videos with LadyLuckHQ and EJ (Vegas Matt’s son). He also continued his trend of giving cash to random strangers in the casino.

Gambling in the High Limit room with EJ ended up being The Big Jackpot’s most popular video of the month.

Subs: 546,000 (48,000)

Most popular video in June (161,000 views):


NJ Slot Guy Says:

A true veteran in this space, The Big Jackpot shoot up in numbers this month. Could this be due to the collaborations he has put together recently? The new thumbnails, the new reels? We will see if all this new material he’s using will in fact constantly boost his numbers as he sniffs a top three spot.

5. Lady Luck HQ

Lady Luck HQ technically got passed by TheBigJackpot in terms of YouTube subscriptions but she still recorded an extremely strong month with over 31,000 new subs.

Lady Luck’s most popular video this month was actually a compilation video that included some of her biggest ever hits on Dragon Link.

It’s a particularly impressive list of hits that features tens of thousands in jackpots including a staggering $50,000 grand jackpot.

Subs: 544,000 (+31,000)

Most popular video of the month (199,870 views):


NJ Slot Guy Says:

Lady Luck stays in the top space and is the only female to crack the top 10 spot. Her recent collaborations with the top channels have shown to do well since the audience usually watches whom she also collaborated with. This highlighted video shows her best Dragon Link hits over the years. Picking up 30k subs just this month shows why she is and will be the trending female in this space for at least now. Lady Luck is known to show how much she tips the attendants and workers after she hits jackpots. 

Most Popular Video in May: Vegas Matt Does $600 Super Spins

We mentioned it above but Vegas Matt’s $600 Super Spins were, by far, the most popular slots video this month. In fact it was one of the most popular videos on YouTube.

At the time of writing the video had received over 700,000 views and counting. This one will easily hit over a million.

The video features Vegas Matt celebrating 600,000 subs by gambling up to $60,000 with numerous $600 spins. Interestingly Matt could only find one machine in the entire casino that would allow $600 spins.

The session didn’t go all that well for Matt but he at least got a smash-hit YouTube video out of the deal.

June Channel Spotlight: Jackpot Joe

We wanted to draw some special attention to Jackpot Joe this month. And it’s not just because we just did an interview with him last month.

Jackpot Joe had the fortune of hitting a grand jackpot for on Huff N More Puff for a staggering $140,000. It’s the kind of hit that all slots players dream about hitting and even Jackpot Joe was visibly stunned after the miraculous jackpot.

Prior to last month, Joe was holding down 83rd spot in our YouTube rankings but we expect him to make huge strides in the next month. The grand jackpot video already has over 100,000 views, which is impressive considering he normally averages around 1,000 views per video.

He’s already over 11,000 subs and we could see him finding a nice spot in the top 50. Follow along with the official SlotsFan streamer rankings.

NJ Slot Guy Says:

“We are in a space of numbers when everyone needs to be looking at the entertainment portion of this community. Slot machines only provide so much, therefore you have to give it a little umph when its slow. If you like entertainment, comedy, degenerate ways, Jackpot Joe is your guy.

I am lucky enough to have spent nights in the casinos with him and he is a genuine creator that took something he loved doing and is possibly turning it into something. He takes care of everyone around him and provides much needed entertainment for his audience.

Jackpot Joe boosted himself into a new category when he hit over $140 THOUSAND dollars just recently in this highlighted video. Watch the entire thing for the build up. Jackpot Joe will be in the top 50 soon!”

NJ Slot Guy
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