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Spotlight: Lady Luck HQ

Lady Luck built an incredibly strong reputation based on her unwavering intuition and continuous success at the slots. Along with @DudeLuck23, she’s been posting at least one vid every day since she stepped on the scene in February 2018. Let’s evaluate her latest exploits!

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Francine and Miran Maric have come a long way since moving from Utah to Las Vegas nearly eight years ago. What started as a way for husband and wife to bond over slots and blackjack between work conferences snowballed the couple into pursuing an entirely different line of work. 

Although her husband was responsible for creating the YouTube channel that now boasts 483k+ subscribers and 325.4+ million views at the time of writing, she came prepared to monetize her brand immediately. Eventually, the couple quit their jobs to become full-time gaming influencers. 

And the rest, as they say, is history. It’s easy to find surface-level information surrounding one of the most prominent slot influencers on YouTube, but we dug deeper to bring you a few fun facts you might not have known about Lady Luck. 

Her Tenth Slot Video Was The Most Watched In YouTube History 

Francine and her husband unknowingly cemented their partnership in the history books when the couple posted their tenth video in March of 2018. It’s since received more than 7M+ views, making it the most watched slots footage in YouTube history. Her record still stands to this day.

Even though Lady Luck would go on to win jackpots triple and quadruple the size, $18,088 is a formidable sum of money to steal from the casino. She posted nearly 7 minutes of exciting slots footage that showed her landing the biggest jackpot on Rio Dreams to ever reach the Internet. 

While she burned through thousands of dollars in the blink of an eye, she made it all back (and then some) when she connected five dancing symbols on a $30 wager. Most players would be lucky to win that much money in a lifetime, let alone during one life-changing trip to the casino. 

Did we forget to mention that YouTube shelled out more than $13,000 in royalties for this video? 

Lady Luck Wasn’t So Lucky: She Lost A Total of $272,000 in 2023

As Lady Luck so eloquently states, “casinos aren’t built on winners.” Even Francine has her bad days, and 2023 was a rough year for the couple to power through. They visited a total of twelve in-person casinos in Florida, Las Vegas, Atlantic City, and a cruise ship on top of online gaming. 

They took their hardest loss at the Hard Rock Hollywood, where they found themselves $208k in the hole. Tampa wasn’t too kind to them either, resulting in another $71,000 loss throughout the year. Unfortunately, they also bombed at the Ocean Casino and Resorts World Las Vegas. 

We did the math, but you can double-check our work by reading through the post on your own. Lady Luck HQ won $154,000 and gave $426,000 back to the casino, resulting in a net loss of $272k. Luckily, the couple revealed that they have extra money coming in from sponsorships. 

She Took A Stand Against FB Scammers Pretending To Be Her

Francine and Miran live-streamed their frustrations surrounding the influx of scammers trying to make money from their hard-earned reputation in the summer of last year. On August 20, 2023, they took to YouTube and explained their difficulties in dealing with pop-up Facebook accounts.

They backed up their side of the story with screen-recorded proof, even going so far as to show that someone had reported the actual Lady Luck HQ channel for copyright infringement on their own videos. Thankfully, they make it very clear that they haven’t had this problem with YouTube.

Unfortunately, the only recourse they can take is reporting the fake accounts to Facebook staff. In their view, Facebook is very hit-or-miss when it comes to protecting well-known influencers. 

At the very least, quite a few commenters mentioned that they’d only be watching Lady Luck on YouTube after the news broke. If you want to find out more about Lady Luck and her high-rolling casino adventures, be sure to read through our streamer profile

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