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The Respin: Pompsie Sticks It Out, All-American Cowboy Slots

In this week’s July 4th-flavored Respin, our squad took home massive jackpots and pocketed major wins. Lady Luck went crazy with $600 spins, Diana Evoni played explosive slots in honor of Independence Day, and Cowboy Slots celebrated the Fourth with All-American games in Las Vegas.

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Did Pompsie, Greta and Vegas Matt win the prizes they were hoping for this holiday? Was Lady Luck HQ lucky enough to make back the money she burnt to a crisp betting $600 per spin? How long did Diana Evoni’s most recent slot bonus run last before it fizzled out like a soggy firework?

Welcome to our special Independence Day edition of The Respin. In the midst of celebrating our country’s sovereignty with char-grilled burgers and hotdogs, our team kept a close eye on all the slot influencers that spent their Fourth of July making exciting videos. Let’s see what happened. 

1. Pompsie Slots Isn’t Leaving The Casino Without A Jackpot Win

Christopher Pomparelli held the camera for his beloved wife Greta as they vowed to get a major jackpot handpay on Dragon Train: Forever Emperor. The couple began their journey to big wins as they loaded $1,000 in the machine and began to play slots for $5 per spin. They won $300 in the first few minutes of the video, inspiring Greta and Pompsie to up their wagers to $10 a spin.

They lost $1,300 over the next twenty minutes, chopping their bankroll down to $183.66 before catching a lucky break once more during the Fortune Wins bonus feature. They collected 7 out of the 8 orbs required to win the Grand, but they took home a $2,120 consolation prize instead.

We recently featured Pompsie Slots in a spotlight feature if you want to learn more about the channel.

2. Lady Luck Ups The Ante With $600 Bets On Dragon Cash

Lady Luck HQ is known for spending bizarre amounts of cash at the casino, but even she was questioning her sanity as she found herself betting $600 per spin on Diamond Queen. She got paid $4,040 and $1,300 on two separate spins, but this didn’t last her long given the bet sizing.

A final $1,200 jackpot handpay gave her the sign to wrap up this session, but she wasn’t able to make back nearly as much as she spent. It’s a great reminder that spending tons of cash on the slots isn’t a guaranteed investment, especially because she lost more than $10k in 28 minutes.

3. Vegas Matt Was Gunning For A Grand Finale On The Fourth 

Vegas Matt skipped the family BBQ this year, instead choosing to hide out at the casino in hopes of winning a massive prize to celebrate Independence Day the right way. Vegas Matt began his session with $4,000 and jumped onto Bao Zhu Zhao Fu, betting $44/spin at first. 

He spent a whopping $3,600 before an especially profitable bonus round put $1,550 back in his pocket. Another bonus feature stepped in to save the day when he was down to just $245. Matt won $575, putting him back in the game if only for a brief moment. 

Unfortunately, he didn’t bring home a revolutionary jackpot this Fourth. Better luck next time! 

4. Diana Evoni Sets The Reels Ablaze With Huge Slot Bonuses

Diana Evoni is on the cusp of reaching 100k subscribers, and she’s been on quite the run lately. I’m mostly referring to her rapidly growing audience, but I’m also referencing the bonus run she took on Monopoly at the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas. She started off low, betting $5.00 per spin. 

The first portion of her slot session was rather uneventful, but her wins began snowballing at the 7-minute mark. She quickly ran up $540 in winnings followed by bonus after bonus after line hit after line hit. We won’t spoil the entire video, but Diana brought home $2,003.01 at the end of it. 

It’s not often that Mr. Monopoly is feeling so generous, but we’re happy Diana got to experience what it’s like to win “Monopoly Money” in real-life. It certainly beats sitting around a kitchen table.

5. Cowboy Slots Chases Down All-American Wins for Freedom 

Cowboy Slots got decked out in red, white and blue as he went to celebrate his Fourth of July at the Wendover Nugget Hotel & Casino. As he stood in front of his America-made pickup truck, he said that he’d be spinning patriotic slots exclusively and grilling viewers with trivia along the way.

In his words, it was time for hot dogs, hamburgers, BBQs, beer, and (of course) slots gambling. 

Triple Double Red White & Blue was the first stop on Cowboy Slots’ journey to independence. It didn’t take long before he moved onto Triple Double Patriot in hopes of winning the $20k Grand. 

He didn’t report any major wins here, either. In a last-ditch effort to supercharge American pride, Cowboy Slots chose one of his luckiest machines: Triple Double Stars. He wasn’t able to win the jackpot as he’s done before, but he got a glimpse of this game’s previous generosity with a $200 win to wrap things up. In total, he started with $302 and walked away with $200 for a $100 loss.

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