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All hail the queen! Slot Queen dominates the slot influencer rankings and frequently collaborates with fellow slots stars like Brian Christopher while bringing her inimitable personality to the community.
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The self-branded Slot Queen makes her presence known in an industry that’s mostly dominated by male influencers – as a mom first, wife second, and gambler third, she balances family and fun like no other. In spite of her busy schedule, she makes time to upload videos four days a week.

Even in a sea of competing slots extraordinaires and ridiculously loaded high rollers, Slot Queen stands out from her peers with real-life commentary and a renewed focus on engagement with her fanbase. She’s currently rocking 100k+ subscribers, and she’s on the quest to reach 150k! 

We’ve seen other slots influencers with a larger subscriber count, but not many people have the Facebook following that she boasts. Join 45k+ people in the Loyal Royal Facebook community! Or, purchase any tier of her Patreon and become a new member of her secret Facebook group. 

Either way, Slot Queen has plenty of awesome content to explore and the fanbase to back it up. 

Slot Queen Quick Facts

  • The “Slot Queen” joined YouTube in August 2017, but she’s already earned a staggering 58.5+ million views across 2,736+ published videos. Some of her best content features the adorable “Slot Hubby”, and he makes an appearance on her channel every Saturday.
  • Slot Queen’s real name is Danielle Aragon, and she tied the knot with her “Slot Hubby” (Alan Aragon) on September 25th, 1999. They’ve been official for more than three decades, and they’ve raised three sons together. Austin gambles with Slot Hubby on the weekends! 
  • Slot Queen was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease, which is an autoimmune illness, in 2021. Her journey to continued success, even in the midst of personal health setbacks, is a remarkable inspiration for our entire team. Thankfully, she’s feeling good in 2024.
  • Danielle has been playing real money slots in Northern California since she turned 18, but she wasn’t always a gambling expert. After earning her college degree, she worked in the finance industry for 17 years before starting a family with her Slot Hubby.
  • Slot Queen frequently collaborates with the legendary Brian Christopher, who happens to be the most popular slots influencer on YouTube right now. Together, their content proves that one plus one can equal three. 

Where to Find Slot Queen

Channel Highlights 

Most Popular Video: Max Bet Big Win * Quick Hits slot Machine * RETRIGGER INSANITY* see it to believe it !!!!

Slot Queen’s most popular video was filmed just shy of four months after she launched her channel on August 23rd, 2017. On December 22nd of the same year, she enjoyed a winning streak that most players spend a lifetime chasing – and she got it on video at Graton Casino. 

After winning the max bet on a Quick Hit penny slot, she landed more than fifty free re-triggers. 821,000+ people watched her hit for more than $500, and it was almost entirely from bonuses. Slot Queen might not be a huge spender, but who can’t relate to low-rolling on the penny reels?

SlotsFan Ranking

At the time of publishing, Slot Queen ranks 16th out of over 120 slots influencers in our database. To see where Slot Queen ranks now, check out the latest version of the SlotsFan Slots Influencer Rankings.

Schedule: New Videos 

As mentioned in her YouTube bio, Slot Queen posts new videos four days a week. However, she doesn’t exclusively publish content on a fixed schedule. Rather, she aims for daily uploads with the occasional day or two off. She also live-streams her casino adventures every other Friday! 

Most of her videos are uploaded between 9 AM and 1 PM EST, and she regularly updates her Facebook page with YouTube-related announcements. She’s chasing a personal goal of 150k subscribers, and we suspect that she’ll be uploading more often than not until she gets there. 

Origin Story

Danielle Aragon has lived many lives, and she raised an entire family before starting her journey as a content creator. She also worked in the banking and finance industries for 17+ years before putting her career on the back burner to become a stay-at-home mom. Still, every kid flies the coop eventually.

As her three children became adults with personal lives of their own, Danielle and her husband Alan decided to pick up a new hobby. She floated the idea of creating a YouTube channel by her kids, who initially scoffed at her aspirations. More determined than ever, she defied all the odds! 

She came a long way over the past six years. Her oldest gameplay video on the Lightning Link slot machine accumulated just 603+ views. Slot Queen’s channel started taking off in 2018 once she won a staggering 775x handpay on the Buffalo Gold slot machine, earning 262,000+ views. 

Soon afterwards, she collaborated with slots legend Brian Christopher at Silver Legacy Casino. 

It’s been smooth sailing ever since! She and her husband have launched their own clothing line, accrued hundreds of Patreon subscribers, and built a secret Facebook community on the side. We anticipate that she’ll quickly reach her goal of 150,000 subscribers with even more to come. 

Biggest Wins

November 1, 2020: $12,058 on Ultimate Fire Link China Street 

February 28th, 2021: $11,230.45 on Dancing Drums 

December 31st, 2023: $8,153 on Buffalo Link (Red Hawk Casino) 

Community and Giveaways 

Arguably, the key pillar of Slot Queen’s sudden rise to mainstream popularity is her engagement with fans! She isn’t afraid to collaborate with more popular influencers, but she never loses her relatability as a regular mom looking to have some fun. She also replies to most FB comments! 
Beyond uploading awesome slots content, she makes her community feel included with your run-of-the-mill holiday wishes, delicious cookie pictures, sporadic updates on her personal life, and occasional invites to meet-ups at various casinos. If you run into her, be sure to say hello!

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