What Are the Best Coin Bundles on Sweepstakes Casinos?

The easiest way to acquire Gold Coins and Sweeps Coins is by purchasing a coin bundle. But what exactly is a good deal when it comes to coin bundles and how much SC should you expect to receive? And what are "special" coin bundles?
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What’s a good deal for coin bundles on sweepstakes casinos?

It really depends on the casino as some sites are extremely generous with bundles, which primarily offer Gold Coins but also include cash-redeemable Sweeps Coins.

Most of the time Sweeps Coins are valued at a strict 1:1 ratio with USD but not always. There are some sweeps casinos that offer special bundles that are more generous with SC.

Sweeps Coins can be acquired in a few different ways but the most common way to get sweeps coins is to buy Gold Coin bundles. Here’s a look at some of the best Sweeps Coins bundles and the conversion rates you should be looking for when buying coins.

How Do I Acquire Sweeps Coins?

Sweeps Coins come for free when you purchase Gold Coins on sweepstakes casinos.

For instance you might buy 10,000 Gold Coins for $10 on a sweeps casino. That purchase will typically come with 10 Sweeps Coins, which are potentially redeemable for cash prizes. Sweeps casinos award drastically different amounts of Gold Coins (1000 GC could be the equivalent of 1m GC on certain sites) so today we are focusing on Sweeps Coins, which are easier to evaluate.

The simplest way to acquire Sweeps Coins is simply by buying buying coin bundles. It’s also possible to acquire more free SC by a variety of different promotions including social media contests, daily log-in bonuses and even mailing physical letters requesting coins.

In this guide we’re looking at buying coin bundles.

How Much Do Sweeps Coins Cost?

Sweeps coins technically don’t cost anything. They are given away free with a purchase of Gold Coins.

That said, they tend to have an exact 1:1 conversion rate with USD. For instance, if you buy a coin bundle for $20 you’ll most likely receive SC 20 along with your gold coins. Here’s a look at some of the standard pricing you’ll find across sweeps casinos based on a $100 purchase.

Standard Coin Bundles on Sweeps Casinos

Casinos:Cost (USD):Gold Coins:Sweeps Coins:
Chumba Casino$10035,000,000 GC104 SC
WOW Vegas$1005,000,000 GC100 SC
Luckyland Slots$100576,000 GC101 SC
Fortune Coins*$10050,000,000 GC104 SC
Pulsz$100785,000 GC100 SC
McLuck$100200,000 GC104 SC
Funrize*$1001,000,000 GC100 SC
Crown Coins$1002,000,000 GC105 SC
SweepSlots$1003,500,000 GC105 SC

*Most sweeps use some version of SC that’s valued at 1:1 with USD. Fortune Coins and Funrize are a little different. Fortune Coins are technically 100=$1 and Funrize is 1000=$1. For the sake of comparison we’ve converted both to a standard SC ratio of 1:1.

You’ll notice in the above chart that all coin packages are pretty much 1:1 with USD when you base it on SC. You might pick up an extra sweeps coin here or there but it’s not exactly life changing.

The one major exception is discounted coin bundles, where you might receive an oversized amount of SC. For example, you might buy a coin bundle for $20 and actually receive SC 25. We’ll break down special coin bundles in the next section.

These special bundles are usually offered to new sign-ups, but sometimes sweeps casinos award them randomly just for logging in. There are also potential SC bonuses for buying some of the bigger coin bundles ($100 and above), but those tend to be less significant.

What’s a Good Deal on Coins?

It depends. If you’re looking to maximize Sweeps Coins then getting anything above 1:1 to dollars represents an above-average deal.

Sweeps casinos tend to reward new sign-ups with the best bundles. As a new player you should aim to purchase the bundle that offers the biggest return in SC because, generally, you’ll only have access to those bundles once.

At the time this article was posted Chumba Casino is offering a bundle that includes 10,000,000 GC and 30 SC for just $10. The Chumba discount coin package represents an extra 300% in Sweeps Coins.

Chumba isn’t the only Sweeps Casino that offers an oversized discount package, however. Coin bundles are always changing but here’s a look at some of the best deals currently available on social casinos:

Special or Discount Coin Bundles on Sweeps Casinos

PriceGold CoinsSweeps CoinsBonus Coin Rate
Fortune Coins$32,000,00010330% SC
Chumba Casino$1010,000,00030300% SC
WOW Vegas$101,500,00030300% SC
Luckyland Slots$550,00010200% SC
Pulsz$15216,87522.50150% SC
McLuck$1050,00025150% SC
Crown Coins$15400,00020133% SC
SweepSlots$15400,000201.33% SC
Funrize$20700,000261.33% SC
A snapshot of current special coin bundles offered on the most popular sweeps casinos.

What’s the Best Conversion Rate You Can Get on Coin Packages?

As you can tell by the graph above, the best conversion rates on sweeps casinos ranges from 133% to 330% on special coin bundles. For instance if you purchase a $10 coin package that provides 3X in value you’ll receive three times that amount, which is $30.

The best conversion rates on sweeps casinos ranges from 133% to 330% value on special coin bundles

Of course once you’ve purchased a special or discount bundle you’ll most likely have to be content with purchasing bundles for the original 1:1 conversion rate with USD.

You should keep in mind that getting the best rate on SC isn’t the only reason to play at a casino. Other factors, such as game variety, software quality, and incentives like daily log-in bonuses, should also be considered.

Can I Purchase a ‘Special’ Coin Bundle Again?

Generally, you can only purchase a new sign-up bundle once.

That said, many Sweeps Casinos offer special bundles at various times of the year. You may even get access to exclusive coin bundles that are just for you.

Sweeps Casinos may also offer special discount bundles during holidays like Thanksgiving or Christmas. Basically, it’s worth checking your favorite sweepstakes casinos on a regular basis.

Do You Get Better Deals When You Buy Bigger Bundles?

This depends on the sweeps casino where you are playing.

Most sweeps casinos include some extra SC for purchasing bigger bundles, but it’s not as much as you might think.

For example the biggest bundle on Chumba Casino is priced at $300. It includes a whopping 120 million gold coins but just 315 Sweeps Coins. You’re basically getting an extra 15 SC – which is nice – but that really only represents a 1% increase over the standard 1:1 ratio.

Some sites offer even larger bundles, such as WOW Vegas. WOW Vegas offers a monstrous $4,999.99 coin bundle that includes 800 million Gold Coins but no bonus SC. You’ll get exactly 5,000 SC in the bundle.

Fortune Coins is one of the better options in this department. Its biggest package is $450 but it includes 120 million Gold Coins and 480 Sweeps Coins.

Bottom line? If you’re planning on purchasing a significant amount of coins then you might as well do it all at once but don’t expect a huge outlay of bonus coins.

What About Gold Coins?

We would be remiss not to mention Gold Coins, as they are the primary currency on Sweepstakes Casinos.

The value of Gold Coins is much harder to calculate, however, because they cannot be redeemed for cash prizes. Instead they are used exclusively to play slots. Some sweeps casinos will give you tens of millions of Gold Coins while others will give you less than 1,000. Of course the minimum spin using Gold Coins might be 100,000 on certain casinos so it’s extremely difficult to assess the value of GC from site to site.

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