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Gambino Slots offers an action-packed perspective on social casinos. Right out of the gate, they offered us lots of gold coins by referring friends. We can compete with those friends and other players in special tournaments and take advantage of opportunities to win extra coins with their Daily Bonus Spin.

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Slots Available Great
Support Good
Payments Good
Bonuses Great
Ease of Use Great
Mobile Experience Outstanding

What we like:

  • Easy wins often
  • Over 150 slots
  • Apps for iOS and Android

What we don’t like:

  • No option to redeem coins for prizes

Latest Gambino Slots Bonuses

Bonus CodeNone – sign up here
Free Gold Coins (Signup)225,000
Free Sweeps Coins (Signup)1
Daily BonusSpin a wheel for a daily login bonus
Minimum Purchase36,000 coins for $0.99 (+99 loyalty points)
Other PromosRefer a friend for 18,000 GC per referral. Daily login bonus attached to the spin of a wheel
The Gambino VIP Club

Our Experience @ Gambino Slots

Gambino Slots offers an action-packed perspective on social casinos. Right out of the gate, they offered us lots of gold coins by referring friends. We can compete with those friends and other players in special tournaments and take advantage of opportunities to win extra coins with their Daily Bonus Spin.

Gambino Slots offers a mobile app experience and a level of customer service that most other social casinos don’t. We found we could play whenever and wherever we wanted, whether it was on a PC, mobile phone, or tablet. For a user-friendly experience with amazing opportunities to collect Gold Coins, we definitely recommend Gambino Slots!

Sign-Up Process

Signing up for an account at Gambino Slots is stupidly simple.

We only needed to provide three things to sign up:

  • Your email address
  • A password
  • Your consent to the terms and conditions and privacy policy.

The cool thing is that even before we confirmed our basic details at Gambino Slots, we noticed our account had 100,000 Gold Coins (or G-Coins, as the site calls them) in our account.

Once we created our username and password and enter our email inbox to verify our email address, we were ready to play, but not with the same 100,000 Gold Coins. We noticed that Gambino Slots pumped an additional 125,000 Gold Coins into our account for 225,000.

Competing social casinos might ask for a home address and to verify age while restricting players from states or countries.

In contrast, Gambino Slots’ sign-up process is so fast and easy that it’s mind-blowing.

If the sign-up process at other social casinos grinds our gears, it’s easy with Gambino Slots. That’s why we strongly recommend giving it a shot


For devoted slot players like us, an easy sign-up process factors into a platform’s general ease of use.

Gambino Slots shines in that respect.

There are clear positives regarding the rest of the platform, but overall, competing sites are probably a bit easier to use.

In the above screenshot, we noticed a little lock icon at the bottom left of each game. Below those locks, we saw 16 different dots. That’s because the games at Gambino Slots are organized in a carousel, and each dot represents a new slide on the carousel.

Games can only be unlocked if by earning loyalty points. Whereas other social casinos will reward players with Sweeps Coins, using a loyalty points model to unlock games and rewards is different.

That approach allows anyone to get warmed up with some of the basic games available to play without any loyalty points, but it limits the overall ease of use of the site because players can only do so much.

It’s also cumbersome to constantly have to click through the carousel to see more and more games. Other sites will allow users to just scroll down using a mouse.

The fact that Gambino Slots gives us access to mobile apps that are both Android and iOS-friendly is a big plus for ease of use. Yet, it seems like the website is more conducive to a mobile experience than a traditional browsing experience.

We recommend Gambino Slots for ease of use, but there is room for improvement.

Buying GC & Free SC

As mentioned earlier, Gambino Slots doesn’t use Sweeps Coins on its website. Instead, they gave us loyalty points.

All we had to do to purchase more Gold Coins and loyalty points is click the big green “Buy” button on the main interface.

Once we did that, we got a pop-up screen that says “Colossal Deals.” Offers available for purchase are split up into two tabs:

  • G-Coins
  • Boosters

Gold Coins are available for sale through the following packages:

  • 11,040,000 coins for $99.99 including 40,000 loyalty points
  • 3,600,000 coins for $49.99 including 2,931 loyalty points
  • 1,320,000 coins for $24.99 including 1,317 loyalty points
  • 432,000 coins for $9.99 including 491 loyalty points
  • 204,000 coins for $4.99 including 239 loyalty points
  • 36,000 coins for $0.99 including 99 loyalty points

Now let’s take a quick look at Boosters.

The above image shows that boosters fall into three different categories:

  • XP Blasts
  • Contest Boosters
  • Extra Spins

XP Blasts boosted our experience points which allowed us to unlock more games two times faster in a four-hour time span.

Contest boosters allowed for speeding up points accumulation for a predetermined amount of time, getting closer to entering contests than we would have been without the boost.

Our daily spins bonus was available every day when logging in. We also used the extra spins booster (as seen to the right in the screenshot) to push our daily spins balance higher in a shorter time.

Major credit cards like Visa and MasterCard can be used to buy coins. Google Pay and Apple Pay can be used from a mobile device. In that respect, making payments is easy at Gambino Slots.

Most social casinos don’t offer that option because most don’t have a mobile app in the first place.

The only downside to purchasing coins and boosts with Gambino Slots is that players can’t use a third-party service like Trustly, which would typically offer access to more than 3,000 banks.

PayPal is also not an option.

That said, using a smartphone for payment is so popular these days that we recommend giving Gambino Slots a try just on that basis.

Slots Available

As mentioned, a little lock icon on most games at Gambino Slots stays there until players gain experience points.

Off the start, three main games are available:

  • Big 5 Africa
  • Luxury Living
  • Magic Carpet Ride.

We tried about 200 spins of Big 5 Africa, and our total of Gold Coins jumped from an initial 225,000 to more than 546,000 in less than 30 minutes. The speed at which we were able to play using Gambino Slots is insane.

Every once in a while, we saw a Jackpot wheel come up, and we managed to hit a mini Jackpot for over 15,000 coins. The graphics feature different animals from Africa, including lions, tigers, and rhinos. It kept us engaged but is not the best we’ve seen.

There are so many ways to win coins on Big 5 Africa that we got sensory overload.

We noticed that Luxury Living offers slightly more basic gameplay. We didn’t win as often, and the spinning feels slightly slower. We decided to take it easy but still wanted to win coins. For that reason, we recommend this game over Big 5 Africa.

No matter which game we chose, the good news is that we didn’t have to gain that many experience points to unlock new games. If memory serves correctly, we spun the wheel on Big 5 Africa roughly 25 times before we gained enough experience points to unlock more than just the three options above.

Given how fast we went through spins, it really didn’t take a lot of time to unlock gated options.

Other Casino-Style Games Available

Gambino Slots offers more than 150 slot games. That’s competitive alongside other social casinos. We’ve reviewed others that offer less than 100, while the top-notch sites, as far as the number of slots is concerned, offer more than 300.

The difference between Gambino Slots is that it focuses only on slots. There are no other casino-style games. No table games at all. That means no poker, no blackjack, no roulette.

There are two ways to look at that; view it as a detriment because other options are more desirable or can consider the idea that Gambino Slots does one thing and they do it really well.

We prefer to go with the latter, especially because many of the slots games allowed us to win a high volume of Gold Coins quickly.

The Casino App

The screenshot below shows Gambino Slots maintains no fewer than 174 reviews in Apple’s App Store, and the rating stands at a perfect five stars. One thing not in the screenshot image is that the image of the gameplay itself is actually in GIF format. That means the wheel spins while downloading the app. Not even top competitors paying for the top sponsored spot in the App Store go to that extent to engage players.

This is one reason we like Gambino Slots over other social casino sites. They seem committed to tapping into all the senses, whether playing one of the games or just checking out their platform for the first time.

They understand what it takes to get people excited, and it’s obvious from the beginning of the user experience.

There is one unfortunate part about the Gambino Slots app. It’s slow to download. We checked our Internet connection to ensure we had no trouble downloading other non-related apps, and we are sad to say that it wasn’t the Internet connection that was the problem.

Nevertheless, after downloading the app, we were very happy.

Mobile vs Desktop Experience

In comparing the mobile experience versus the desktop option at Gambino Slots, we love the mobile experience for the same reason we don’t like the desktop. Everything is optimized for mobile.

Remember earlier, we said that on the desktop, all of the games fit into one square window, and all of the pop-ups related to promotions came at us from that same square within the middle of the browser. It just makes everything seem smaller on a computer.

On the other hand, players using two fingers on a mobile device will like the mobile app better. Especially when considering that the mobile experience with Gambino Slots is oriented horizontally by default, meaning that as soon as we logged in, we were using the entire screen to play.

Clearly, Gambino Slots is catering to the mobile experience. Perhaps they expect that most avid slot players will want to entertain themselves while on the go or simply by clicking the auto button to spin hundreds of times.

Most users with that mentality will be happier on mobile devices if that’s the case.

Our recommendation is that Gambino Slots offers one of the best mobile experiences of any social casino. Not only do many social casinos not provide mobile apps anyway, even the ones that do aren’t as good as Gambino Slots.


One thing we don’t like about contacting support at Gambino Slots is that it’s not easy to find. We had to intuitively guess that clicking the gear icon on the top right of the webpage is the best way to find support. When doing that, a pop-up window comes up, and the support button is on the bottom left.

Once clicking that support button, we got taken to a form where we could email in a question or concern. This is a telltale sign that there is no live chat support at Gambino Slots. Most other social casino websites also don’t offer live chat, so it shouldn’t be a deal breaker.

When we did choose to email the site, we got an answer in as little as six hours.

Redeeming Sweep Coins

As mentioned, Gambino Slots doesn’t offer Sweeps Coins traditionally. Instead, players get experience points or loyalty points, as they call them. Collecting more of these loyalty points provides access to greater benefits at the Gambino VIP Club.

The Gambino VIP Club has nine different categories; players advance through them as they collect more points.

The rankings are labeled as follows:

  • Topaz
  • Sapphire
  • Emerald
  • Ruby
  • Diamond
  • Trillion Diamond
  • Royal Diamond
  • Black Diamond
  • Walk of Fame

As the screenshot above displays, making it to the very top of the VIP club, provides all kinds of amazing benefits including prize multipliers, access to rooms for high rollers, weekly specials, and a personal host.

Unlike other social casinos, Gambino Slots does not allow players to redeem coins for prizes.

Final Thoughts

Gambino Slots is a great option for those who like fast-paced action on a mobile device. It’s especially easy for beginners to get started. We got 225,000 Gold Coins before we ever clicked on a slot machine. Playing for as little as 100 coins per spin means no need to pay for a lot of spins.

Like any other social casino, Gambino Slots has room for improvement in some areas. It could offer more slot games. Many competing social casinos offer more than the 150 at Gambino Slots. They could also offer traditional table games to keep up with the competition.

Right now, they don’t.

Nevertheless, feel free to put Gambino Slots into the must-play category among social casinos.