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With its retro-like feel, Funzpoints serves up the nostalgia. You can play slots in either standard (free to play) or premium. The free play mode pays out in Funzpoints, which is great to enjoy the excitement without spending money.  If you want to be eligible for cash prizes, then the premium mode is for you.

Get up to $22.50 worth of premium Funzpoints for free when you sign-up. No purchase necessary to enjoy the games. 


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Slots Available Great
Support Good
Payments Good
Bonuses Good
Ease of Use Good
Mobile Experience Good

What we like:

  • Offers standard and premium play modes
  • Daily jackpots

What we don’t like:

  • Only 10 games to play in standard mode
  • No daily login bonus for standard play

Latest Funzpoints Bonuses

Bonus CodeNone – sign up here
Free Funzpoints (Signup)1,000
Free Premium Funzpoints (Signup)250
Daily BonusSpin of the wheel for up to 250,000 coins
Minimum Purchase$4.99 for 1,000 standard Funzpoints (+500 premium Funzpoints)
Other PromosEnter for a chance to win daily prizes just by liking the Facebook page.
Spin a wheel every three hours to win standard Funzpoints.

Our Experience @ Funzpoints Casino

Funzpoints kept us engaged for as long as we wanted to play games. It’s one of those social casinos with a retro-like feel.

We received up to $22.50 worth of premium Funzpoints for free. As soon as we signed up, we got a welcome email that said no purchase was necessary to enjoy the games. They truly mean that.

Funzpoints is one of the websites that offers two different modes: standard (free to play) and premium. The free play mode pays out in Funzpoints, allowing us to engage with the excitement without spending any money. If we wanted to be eligible to win cash prizes, then we needed to play in the premium mode. In short, there’s something for everyone at Funzpoints.

Sign Up Process

Signing up for an account at Funzpoints was not only easy but doing so also netted us 250 premium Funzpoints.

We only needed to complete five steps to sign up:

  • Enter our email address
  • Pick a display name
  • Pick a password
  • Confirm acceptance of the terms and conditions and the privacy policy by ticking a box
  • Verify our email address when we receive our first welcome email

Entering only the above information allowed us to play the standard version of games at Funzpoints. Once we started taking an interest in the premium version, which involves buying premium points and spending actual money, we needed to verify more information.

How did we learn this? As soon as we clicked the green Buy button at the top right of our screen to purchase more points, we saw a pop-up that asked us to confirm our address and other details as they appear on our driver’s license:


We’ve reviewed other social casino sites where the website interface actually looks more like a mobile app. The reality is that most social casinos don’t actually offer a mobile app, so it makes sense that they would try to do this. However, many struggle to strike a balance between looking like a mobile app versus providing the richest gaming experience possible and tapping into our senses.

We genuinely appreciate Funzpoints because the layout of the games is tight enough to mimic a mobile experience but wide enough that we still know we’re using an actual website. Before logging into our Funzpoints account, we noticed the homepage looks super basic and underwhelming. One might initially view that as a negative, but we actually consider it a positive because once we started playing the games, it was really easy to dive right in.

Sometimes websites that look more impressive from the start will also take longer to load the games. We’ve also played at social casinos that don’t let us hit the back button once we choose a game and decide to return to the lobby.

Funzpoints has none of those problems, so we give it two thumbs up from an ease-of-use standpoint.

Buying GC & Free SC

As we went through how to get our hands on more Funzpoints, we had to remember that premium Funzpoints cost money and standard Funzpoints don’t. We could finish our profile registration to get premium Funzpoints for free, as mentioned.

Once we were ready to buy premium points, we clicked the green Buy button next to the hamburger menu on the top right of our screen.

We need to note one thing before jumping into the premium version. While anyone can log on to Funzpoints to play, the subsequent form we needed to fill out once we clicked to buy points asked to confirm our address according to our driver’s license, but it didn’t let us change the country of residence. This means we had to pick an American state in order to register.

So, while we could play at Funzpoints from any country if we’re playing for free, as soon as we got into the premium version and started buying points, it appears we can only do so if we’re American.

After all, if we don’t have a driver’s license from the United States, how else will we provide information that matches identification?

Once we were deemed eligible to verify ourselves and buy points, here are the different packages we could purchase:

  • $99 for 20,000 standard Funzpoints and 10,000 premium Funzpoints
  • $49.99 for 10,000 standard Funzpoints and 5,000 premium Funzpoints
  • $19.99 for 4,000 standard Funzpoints and 2,000 premium Funzpoints
  • $9.99 for 2,000 standard Funzpoints and 1,000 premium Funzpoints
  • $4.99 for 1,000 standard Funzpoints and 500 premium Funzpoints

Take note of the fact that in addition to buying points, we received other benefits. We unlocked all games for 30 days, got to play ad-free, and unlocked the trophy room.

Naturally, with so many great benefits that come with purchasing points, we asked ourselves how we could spend money and have more fun.

While many other social casinos accept services like Trustly, which allows us to use over 3,000 banks to make a deposit, that ultimately means we had to register and give our information to a third-party service.

With Funzpoints, we saw options to use MasterCard, Visa, or American Express. It’s as simple as that. No need to use Trustly, Skrill, or any third-party payment provider.

Therefore, we give the ability to purchase points at Funzpoints an A+.

Slots Available

Most of the slots available at Funzpoints were only accessible if we selected the premium option. Fortunately, the site did give us premium Funzpoints just for completing our profile, so we did have 250 points to use to our advantage.

While playing  the standard version from the start, we had access to seven different slots, including:

  • Kongo’s Adventure
  • Enchantress Luna
  • The Java Café
  • Bonbon Bash
  • Paintball Keno
  • Maximo The Magnificent
  • Criminal Cash

Kongo’s Adventure was the first game featured on the menu, from left to right, so we dove right in and played it. While many slots offer an Auto Spin function that does all the work for us, Kongo’s Adventure made us click every time. The good news is that we could also click stop at any time, so we didn’t have to wait for the spinning to finish on its own.

The default wager was 20 Funzpoints, and given that we started with 1,000 just for signing up and an extra 1,000 from claiming a bonus on a spin of the bonus wheel, we had plenty of points to get started without spending any money.

The max play was 500 coins. We could see that option to the left of the Play button. We tested that out on another game: The Java Café. For some reason, it was considered a premium game, perhaps because the graphics were slightly better.

Nevertheless, it was available when we played in standard mode, which was a little confusing but welcoming at the same time. At the end of the day, it was another option for having a good time.

Other Casino-Style Games

Funzpoints did a great job of catering to the hardcore slot players. In trying to do the best they could at that, the site did not offer any other casino-style games. They did offer a slot game called Paintball Keno, but the title only spoke to the slot machine’s theme, not the gameplay’s mechanic itself.

We recommend not fretting too much about that because most social casinos stick to slots, as that’s the easiest way to pique interest and get players excited.

The Casino App

We have rarely interacted with or reviewed a social casino with a mobile app to go with its website. Funzpoints offered us an easy way to register and get started playing through our web browser, but like many competitors, it also did not offer a mobile app.

In situations like these, there’s only one thing a social casino can do to keep us playing, whether in front of a computer, smartphone, or tablet. They must use HTML5 or another technical implementation to make their playing environment mobile-friendly.

Funzpoints could do better here. We could see from the screenshot below that choosing between standard and premium gameplay was available just like it was through a computer, but the graphic was very small, and we really had to look closely in order to click the right button.

There’s definitely room for improvement in this regard. One thing Funzpoints did that few other competitors did was make it easier for us to create a shortcut to the website so that we could easily access it on a mobile device without having to log onto a browser. We could see that notification in the image below as well.

Mobile vs Desktop Experience

Given the screenshot in the previous section and the feedback we wrote to go along with it, it was evident that we enjoyed the desktop experience at Funzpoints more than the mobile experience. We couldn’t hold it against Funzpoints that they didn’t offer a mobile app because most social casinos don’t. It was also nice that they provided a shortcut option to create a little icon on our mobile device, so we didn’t have to thumb through a web browser every time we wanted to log in to play.

That said, the mobile graphics were very small, making it difficult to get started. With other sites, we could almost play without looking at the slot machine we were on, but that wasn’t the case with Funzpoints. Perhaps if they came out with a mobile app in the future, Funzpoints might have been able to steal away some market share from the competition.


Support at Funzpoints was easily accessible. We could contact support even before registering for anything. The information was right on the homepage, and we could email It took us three hours to get a response, although we heard from other people that responses come in as little as one hour. We ranked Funzpoints pretty high in that regard and definitely recommend interacting with them.

However, they could have offered a more robust ticketing system that allows users to select specific issues or provide live chat. The majority of social casinos don’t offer live chat. Fortunately, there was a Frequently Asked Question section we could go through to find answers.

Redeeming Sweep Coins

As we have talked about throughout this review, Funzpoints uses a point-scoring system, not coins.

There was a distinction between standard points and premium points. We started with some premium points based on completing our profile, but if we wanted more, we either had to win them playing slots or purchase them with a credit card. Standard points were available for free and allowed us to play right away.

Our premium Funzpoints showed up in our Funzwallet, and we needed at least 2,000 points to redeem them. We could redeem up to 20,000 points at any given time.

Final Thoughts

Funzpoints is a great option for beginners who want to start immediately. We could sign up for standard play from any jurisdiction, which meant there was no need to worry about eligibility. The site offered seven games to start with, which were definitely fun to play. While the graphics were fairly simplistic compared to the competition, we got total control over each of our spins, allowing us to start and stop them whenever we wanted.

We loved those aspects of Funzpoints, and we also appreciated the fact that we could use any of the three major credit cards to process payments if we decided to purchase premium points. This meant we didn’t have to go through a third-party provider to get access to the rest of the games on the site, play free of advertising, and ultimately redeem points for cash prizes.

While there was room for improvement, customer support at Funzpoints showed that they genuinely cared and would answer us quickly. The site aims to rank highly among the competition, and although there is still work to be done, Funzpoints has a lot of potential. We highly recommended giving it a try, as there was nothing to lose, particularly with the standard option.