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The Respin: NG Slot’s Insane Handpay, Cowboy Slots’ Huge Freeroll

From NG Slot’s record-breaking jackpot win to Cowboy Slots getting extraordinarily lucky on nothing but free play credits, YouTube’s biggest slot influencers had a fantastic week.

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How much did NG Slot win from the Lightning Link slot, and did he actually break a record? Did Lady Luck get even luckier when the drunk guy got kicked out by casino security? Why did The Big Jackpot hammer four high-limit Dragon Link slots with $100 spins at the exact same time? 

Welcome to the weekly Respin, where we highlight the best slots-based videos posted on YouTube over the last week. 

We take another look at some of the most-watched videos from YouTube’s leading slot players, covering everything from unbelievable handpays to spinning for gold and losing tons of money. This is your shortcut to the five best slots videos on the Internet, so buckle up and hold on tight! 

1. NG Slot Lands A Record-Breaking Jackpot on Lightning Link 

NG Slot is no stranger to hitting five and even six-figure handpays, but this video marked a very special moment in his YouTube career when he broke his personal win record (and probably the actual record, too) on Lightning Link: Magic Pearl. 

Things started off rough as he lost his first few thousand dollars within 10 minutes in spite of upping the stakes to $150/spin, but his luck turned around at the 10:38 mark when he decided to play for keeps with $15,000 in the machine. By the end of the video, he’d earned five figures.

You don’t want to miss this massive handpay!

2. Lady Luck Hit A $30,000 Jackpot After The Drunk Guy Got Booted 

Hitting up the casino and having a drink or three go together like peanut butter and jelly, but one guy didn’t know when to call it a night. This resulted in him getting booted from the casino, but it had an unexpected ripple effect on Lady Luck HQ’s luck. 

She loaded $2,000 in the Dragon Link: Happy & Prosperous machine at Resorts World. She was betting $75, $150 and even $250 per spin. After losing what she came with, she took a short break to play Huff N’ More Puff and then Dynamite Dash before going back to the well. 

She was playing with no end in sight when a massively profitable bonus saved her session at the 16-minute mark, leaving her $30,000 richer. It’s definitely worth a watch.  

3. The Big Jackpot Did Max Bet Spins On Four Slots At The Same Time 

The Big Jackpot brought his (much younger) friend, who he affectionately calls Mini Jackpot, to the casino for the sole purpose of helping him max out every Dragon Train slot in the casino. They loaded $2,000 into each machine and Raja handed Mini Jackpot the lucky counter. 

He said that he’d be doing twenty max bet $100 spins on each machine to see what happened, but the results were rather disappointing. Aside from a $3,500 bonus, The Big Jackpot suffered stomach-churning losses. He went so far as to dejectedly call the session “a real beatdown.”

Then again, this is the same guy who famously won a million dollars on Dragon Link, so we think he’ll be alright. 

4. Cowboy Slots’ Casino Free Play Gives Him Over $20,000 in Jackpots 

Cowboy Slots wasn’t expecting anything big when he took what he calls a “spur of the moment” trip to the Wendover Nugget Casino: he just wanted to burn $500 in slots free play. Little did he know that he’d be raking in boatloads of dough on Triple Double Stars without spending a dime.

He thought it would be a quick session because he only had eight $72.00 spins to work with, but a lucky $360 win on his first spin foreshadowed the back-to-back jackpots to come. 

The magic happened at the 14:06 mark, where he excitedly exclaimed “holy **it” upon realizing that he’d just won $13,800. At the 16-minute mark, he got another jackpot win worth $10,955. 

5. Vegas Matt Finally Won Five Figures in Atlantic City 

Vegas Matt is much closer to the MGM Grand than the boardwalk in Atlantic City, but he landed his first big jackpot win 2,500 miles away from home on Dragon Link. He was betting $100/spin when he landed a particularly profitable bonus filled with jaw-dropping orbs at the 18:26 mark.

After winning $3,624 within the first 15 minutes, he tacked $6,800 onto his bankroll for a final profit in excess of $10,000 – not bad for a first-timer!

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